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Feb 25, 2008 12:38 PM

How do you peel an acorn squash?

So I've never cooked with acorn squash before, and I'm going to be making a dish in the slow cooker that calls for peeled, seeded and diced acorn squash. It occurred to me that it might be a challenge to peel it, especially since the sides of it are not straight and uniform.
What's the best method to do this?

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  1. That's a good question - I would probably try to cut it into wedges like a melon and then peel the wedges individually. Kind of like breaking it up into more manageable pieces with more of the flat surfaces revealed....

    1. Cut the squash in half at the equator, scoop out the seeds and then slice the halves crosswise (parallel with first cut) into one-inch rings. Lay a ring flat on your cutting board and use your chef's knife or another sturdy blade to cut off the skin around the squash ring. Don't even think about using a vegetable peeler or trying to peel the whole squash uncut - you'll lose the skin off your knuckles or even worse!

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        When my Moroccan friends use it in tagines they only peel the higher up part and leave the indented part of the skin on and it looks really cool b/c it's striped. Then it’s cut in quarters and the seeds scooped out. The tough skin that is left on gets pretty tender once it is cooked, so people can peel it off on their own one it is served.

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          If you place it in boiling water for about 3 min. it will peel very easily

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            Briefly microwaving acorn, butternut, and other hard squashes also works.

      2. I don't peel acorn squash usually because I don;t mind the skin - my husband takes it off once it is cooked. When I do peel I often partially peel as mentioned, with a peeler and just peeling the higher parts of the flesh - it works fine. Just served some last night partially peeled, and don't know that anyone at the dinner party noticed the skin. When I peel it all, I use a knife, but you waste squash and time.

        1. Cut it into strips (or at least quarters). Then boil it for a few minutes. Then the skin comes off like a charm.

          1. I cut the bottom and top off to create two sturdy, flat bases. Then firmly lean on/hold the top flat side and cut the sksin downwards on the bottom half with one of my heavier knives; turn over and repeat. Then cut up and de-seed.