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Places in Medford

Daughter is on the move again! Must be the leading sport in Boston. I'm now looking for restaurants in this area. Always looking for Italian and seafood. Will be very happy with a restaurant serving good comfort food ie, mac & cheese, meatloaf etc. Please and thank you in advance.

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  1. For good Italian food in Medford I would recommend: Bocelli's on Main Street, Raso's Grill on Mystic Ave, Bob's on Main Street and Regina Pizza at Station Landing (Wellington Circle next to Kelly's Roast Beef). For good seafood in Medford I would recommend Moulton's on Winthrop Street.

    Moulton's Seafood Restaurant
    178 Winthrop St, Medford, MA 02155

    Bob's Imported Food & Catering
    324 Main St, Medford, MA 02155

    Bocelli's Restaurant & Pizza
    374 Main St, Medford, MA

    209 Mystic Ave, Medford, MA 02155

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      Thanks for reminding me BK...we've been meaning to try out Moulton's for a long time now but keep forgetting. Can you give me some details of their menu? Prices? Do they do a large variety of fish plates? Mostly fried? How fresh are we talking about in relation to say Courthouse Seafood on Cambridge St? Any info. is helpful.

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        Sal, I can't find my copy of last years Moulton's menu. I got a fishermen's platter last year for $16.99. A large order of their homemade clam chowder was $5.00 last year. I'm not sure if there prices have increased for 2008. Moulton's has fried, baked, broiled and I think cajun cooked seafood. I haven't bought fish or fried dinners at Courthouse Seafood in Cambridge. I can tell you that the owner of Moulton's goes to the fish pier in Boston every morning to buy what he needs for the day. I went to Moulton's several times last year and all the seafood was definately fresh. I haven't been to Moulton's for 2008 yet! Hope this information helps. If you do go to Moulton's let us know if you liked it?

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          Thanks BK. This definitely helps. We'll give it a shot in the near future and report back.

        2. re: Sal Monella

          Moultons get fish fresh daily... they have baked/broiled and fried dinners. They even have combo plates where you pick 2 or 3 from a list... They offer a large variety of fish and it's not all fried either.
          You won't be sorry... I would try it out during the week (Tues-Thurs) expecially now during lent the weekends can be extremely busy...

      2. You could also try Kelly's Roast Beef at Station Landing in Medford for their lobster rolls and double cheeseburgers.

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          I would also add Nappi Meats on Salem Street (Route 60) for their pizza and meatball subs.

          Nappi Meats & Groceries
          370 Salem Street Route 60, Medford, MA 02155

        2. my fave medford resto is chili garden which has some serious sichuan cuisine. i guess it's not meatloaf but it's comfort food to me !

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            I agree, and if you like sichuan style cuisine, this is the best and most authentic in the entire Boston area !!!

          2. Moulton's is excellent for seafood. I am not a huge fan of Bocelli's but it is decent Italian-American in a crunch. Right on the Medford/Somerville line, my pick for Italian is Li'l Vinny's on Medford St. Across the street is Olde Magoun's Saloon with good Irish pub/comfort food, and across the way you can get pretty good steak tips & fries at On The Hill Tavern.

            I like Italian cold cut subs at Bob's & I get some Italian grocery & deli items (great stuffed cherry peppers with provolone & proscuitto) items there, but in my opinion their dinners & other subs just aren't that good anymore (I would say 5 years ago I ate there every week, now it is very rare).

            For pan-Asian take-out, my pick is Sei Bar. Chili Garden in the square used to get a lot of good reviews but I have never been. Also in the square there is Chung Ki Wa for Korean, The Lighthouse for breakfast, and Modern Pastry for sweets.

            For bread & pizza dough I always go to Italo's.

            There are also lots of options very close to the Medford line in Ball Sq & Davis Sq. (Soundbites, Ball Sq Cafe for breakfast, Tu y Yo for Mexican, Dave's Fresh Pasta for excellent panini, cheeses, prepared "comfort foods," wine & of course, fresh pasta)

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              Is L'il Vinny's open for lunch?
              I love Chun Ki Wa, best lunch deal going.

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                According to their website, Lil Vinny's is not open for lunch. http://www.lilvinnys.com/

                There's a decent Vietnamese/Chinese place in Medford Sq., too, Pho Yan. The Chinese side looks pretty American but the family's originally Chinese.

            2. A third for Moulton's! I miss that place. Haven't gotten back there since we moved west. Thanks for reminding me we need to get there soon.

              1. Can't forget for that really special occassion- Bistro 5 in West Medford Square. Moulton's is always at the top of my list for seafood- the clams are to die for and Bob's on Main St fills my voids for great subs, cold cuts, meats and other Italian specialty items... My personal fav is the steak tip dinner with double salad... can't be beat!
                Welcome to Medford or Meffa as the "natives" call it!

                1. Gotta throw a shout-out to Pastalina's on Salem Street (right off the Fellsway, near the Malden line in Medford). It's a cozy, homey, relaxing dinner out, and one of the best eggplant parmigiana dishes I've had since moving to MA. It's BYOB, so you can save some cash and enjoy your favorite wine/liquor/beer whatever, and as hiddenboston attested in his Valentine's Day post (think it was in the last year) the service is familiar and attentive. The prices are quite reasonable, and pretty much everything you get is from scratch, so they might run out but you know it's fresh. Rocco the owner really does a great job, and Michelle is our favorite waitress. killer lobster ravioli special.

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                  1. re: rosie17

                    Yes, it was last year that we went to Pasta Lina's, though I don't think it was for Valentine's Day (I think we went to Arby's that night, chuckle). Perhaps I was there the day before Valentine's Day? I'll need to Google it to find out. ;-b

                    If you go on a Tuesday night, tell the kooky bunch of guys called the "Treehouse gang" that I said hi. They are a group of friends who hang out there nearly every Tuesday (or used to, at least) who are basically a mix of the Oceans 11 Gang and the Three Stooges. Very funny folks!

                    1. re: hiddenboston

                      I think I ate there on a Tuesday once, back in the summer when we were looking at apartments in the area. There was a group of guys there, laughing and carrying on, very nice and I think they offered us a beer. haha. The experience was memorable, along with the food!

                      Going to Pasta Lina's tonight, armed with a bottle of wine to try and forget the events of the past work week... praying for the lobster ravioli, but will "settle" for the eggplant.

                      Joe Pizza is right down the block, yet I've never been since I feel guilty any time I don't go to Puccio's on Middlesex (my old nabe). haha. I've also heard good things about another Joe Pizza location, perhaps in West Medford? Which is "better?"

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                        The West Medford Joe Pizza is the original, but the pizza is somewhat inconsistent (and I think forgettable). They do a lot of toppings, talk about "best quality ingredients" and dough every day, then trust the pizza to various people and charge an arm and a leg. Amici's where the owners make the pies is more my style, as is Puccio's (more for slices). Joe certainly has its fans and is very accessible (I would slightly liken it to Upper Crust), but there is better pizza in Medford.

                    1. The Korean/Japanese restaurant in Medford Square is good. Always a lot of Asians dining there. Korean, Korean Barbecue-at-the-Table, Sushi, Tempura, etc.

                      And, as someone mentioned, Chili Garden is great (order from Szechuan side-of menu, not the conventional Chinese side.) They deliver.

                      For "conventional" Chinese food delivery, May's Cafe is pretty good.

                      For a quick lunch, the Danish Pastry House on Boston Ave. is a good choice, also good if you need pastry. No alcohol served.

                      I've heard great things about Sei Bar on Main St., but have never eaten there.

                      For pizza, Ronny's is good. Also Amici's in W. Medford.

                      For the occassional high-end meal Bistro 5 in W. Medford is an excellent choice. Downtown quality and ambiance, slightly lower prices

                      Depending on what part of Medford she is in, you can also gravitate toward Malden, Arlington or Somerville for more choices.

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                      1. re: pemma

                        Chili Garden definitely a worthwhile place to know. Their Sichuan menu is one of the best around.

                        1. re: pemma

                          What's a god KBBQ-at-the-table restaurant in Medford? I've seen some positive comments on Chung Ki Wa, but am not sure if it's the cook-your-own variety.

                          1. re: High Heels and Frijoles

                            I think that's the only Korean in Medford. You can cook your own although you may need to make it clear that you want to, first time in. Minimum of 2 orders though--that's pretty standard.

                            1. re: High Heels and Frijoles

                              We just had dinner at Chung Ki Wa; unfortunately I wasn't wowed. The (beef) bulgogi was perhaps the tastiest I've had (of maybe four restaurants; I can't really claim to know the dish), but for the first time I enjoyed the pork bulgogi a little less. Be warned: the menu taped to the window and handed out to those who ask bear one set of prices, while the one they give you once you're seated has cut-and-pasted higher prices. Looks like a bait-and-switch, although I'm sure it's just that they haven't reprinted their (rather fancy) takeaway menus yet. The other disappointment was that while they were happy to give us our remaining pork in a takeaway box, they refused to box up the various kimchees and condiments - a disappointment to me, as now I don't have the expected leftovers for lunch tomorrow. I'm at a loss about the refusal - is it cultural? a health hazard? (If so, I'd've thought meat I had the cooking of myself to be a bigger risk.)

                              1. re: tcd

                                Honestly, I've never heard of anyone asking for a doggie bag for the banchan (the kimchee, etc). It's a rather strange request, which is why you probably got the cold shoulder.

                                Branch out and try some of the soups/stews. They are pretty tasty.

                            1. re: phonelady

                              Lantana Cafe is still open, I believe it changed hands (one of the original owners, I believe directed his attention to Exchange St Bistro in Malden). Never really wowed me and Pastalina's down the street for a more red-sauce experience, but I know Meffababe was a fan before moving.

                              1. re: itaunas

                                Lantana was great a week or so ago when we went. I think I want to try their pizza next time. I just can't find a great pie - crunchy thin crust (like betuccis') without paying $25...

                                1. re: MeffaBabe

                                  Not far and worth the drive - just discovered this place a few weeks ago and was VERY impressed with their pizza -thin crispy crust and sauce was just right- new menu was due out today and website is not available - it is called The Sub Factory and is on Olympia Ave.

                              2. Finality spent a weekend with my daughter in Medford. On Friday night we (4) went to Pastalina's as suggested by rosie17. We truly enjoyed our meals. The homemade pasta was special along with the service could not have asked for more, except they were out of meatballs and sausage. Oh well, must return to try them out although I'm sure my daughter will be there before I return to visit.

                                More restaurants should be BYOB. That makes a special night really afordable.

                                Thank you for all the suggestions. Look forward to trying out the other restaurants.

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                                1. re: ppmaysa

                                  Thanks for the suggestions! As the 'daughther on the move' I appreciate learning about new places to go to eat! Pastalina's was AWESOME, and we will be heading back again!
                                  Keep the suggestions coming...I'm not new to Boston, but sort of new to the Medford/Malden area.

                                2. Ohhh... Medford... for seafood we really enjoy the Seafood Depot in West Medford Square, right by the train crossing.. fish and chips are fantastic, and I've had some great soups there. Prices are good for seafood.

                                  And I'll second the recommendation for Bob's on Main Street.. takeout only, but so much good stuff. Try the supplĂ­ (fried rice balls with peas and mozzarella) for some true comfort food. Or the eggplant rolatini.

                                  Seafood Depot
                                  (love the animation on the splash screen!


                                  Bob's Imported Food & Catering
                                  324 Main St, Medford, MA 02155