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Feb 25, 2008 12:28 PM

Leftover pork roast, what to make

I have ALOT of leftover pork roast that has been shredded. Enough for 2-3 more meals. I am planning on making a pork version of ropa vieja for one. I also have some frozen sopes and would like to make a spanish/mexican pork topping for those. (alas, no recipe, although I could come up with one, I bet on you CH out there have plenty). So that leaves one more meal. Maybe something not as heavy as the other two? Any ideas?

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  1. - Mix some ground achiote with some lime, sprinkle on pork, serve on corn tortillas with white onion and cilantro.

    - Mix up some red pepper, black pepper, apple cider vinegar, and a pinch of sugar. Mix it into the pork. Put on a hamburger bun (or not) with some slaw for some NC-like barbeque.

    1. For your sopes, mix together the pork with cumin, cilantro and a bit of jalapeno. Maybe a bit of stock to moisten it up.

      One more meal...what about moo shu pork?

      1. I take my left over pork add some type of good barbaque sauce heat it in a pan and sever it on buns with cole slaw. It's really good. Also I often take left over pork and make a green chile stew with potatos and corn .