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Feb 25, 2008 12:27 PM

"Cool" restaurant for teenager?

My daughter (18 yrs) and I will be in New Yor (from LA) for 5 nights in March. We're looking for great food with fun hip atmosphere. My daughter loves good food as much as I do. Our last trip we went to Tao and she was in heaven. We also did River Cafe (walked across the bridge) and Blue Fin. She loved the roof top bar at the Penn. (soda for her).
I was thinking of Lupa, Stanton Social, Del Posto... any ideas?

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  1. Stanton Social is a great choice. Also consider them for brunch if you can. Terrific atmosphere, trendy but not over the top and excellent food. If you have never been, I'd suggest Spice Market, Vento or Highline in the meat packing district or even Son Cubano. Spice Market and Highline are both Asian types...although they are sharp contrasts in decor. Spice Market is dark and heavy but beautiful where as Highline is modern and bright. Son Cubano is a great scene but it can get very noisy and crowded. Last but not least, Butter. You might run into a celebrity or two depending on the night. John Mayer was there the night I went. The food at all of these places are good - on par with Tao and Blue Fin. Stay away from Ono unfortunately...its been going downhill and isn't once what it once was.

    For some reviews checkout the following:

    for more reviews:

    1. Stanton Social would prob be the most cool of the restaurants you mention for a teen. Del Posto is great food, but prob not the right atmosphere. And Lupa is excellent basic italian in a bustling (non-spectacle atmosphere) but in a fun nabe.

      If she loved Tao, then you may want to look into the other high production value meat packing district restaurants like Spice Market, Buddakan or the new Merkato 55.

      1. Stanton Social is along the same lines as Tao. Del Posto is more formal (think piano players, etc.) so if that's cool by her, then sure...otherwise, no.

        Dressler or DuMont in Brooklyn might be consider hip and fun enough - and also serving good food.

        The Spotted Pig would meet your criteria I think, as would more trendy places like Bette, Butter and/or Buddakan.

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            I forgot to mention Buddha Bar...also hot and trendy. If she loved Tao, she'll definitely like Buddha Bar. If you are dining late, the restaurant turns up the music and the dancing starts around 11:30pm. It is a great time if you are up for it!


          2. Stanton Social is good for 18 year-old. If she liked Tao, she will probably like Morimoto and Buddakan as well. Del Posto is great food but may be a bit too formal for her. Lupa or Otto will be more causal and probably a better choice for Italian.

            Another place where the scene may impress her is The Bar Room at the Modern.