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Feb 25, 2008 12:24 PM

Korean Cuisine - Yonge/Finch-Sheppard

I frequent the Yonge Street area between Finch & Sheppard, but have not tried any Korean restaurants (other than Sushi) as yet. Based on a search of this site, I have targeted Nakwon, Owl, and Oh Geul. I know I have to try the Pork Bone Soup as a dish. What other restaurants and what other dishes should I try to get the best of Korean cuisine from this area. Thx.

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  1. The appetizers along from Nakwon will be a meal itself. If you like to explore the apps, Nakwon will be a good start. I prefer the Korean dishes from Nakwon, not so much the Korean-Chinese cooking (eg. ja-jiang noodle, spicy seafood noodle). Table cooking is decent, but DON'T have any if you're heading back to work unless you can place to shower first.

    Pork bone soup @ Owl is consistently good. A must try! Blood sausage is average. Small menu, easy to peruse.

    IMHO, I think Oh Geul is more authentic than Nakwon. It's also got plenty of apps and extensive menu. I like the seafood pancake more than Nakwon. However, overall, I do prefer Nakwon more.

    There's the Party Restaurant right next to the old RBC branch on Yonge street (North or Kempford & Yonge). It serves amazing Korean Maki rolls (aka kimbap). Try the spicy bulgogi or spicy tuna version. Knock you off the seat!

    Across the Party Restaurant, there's the famous soon tofu place. The rice is cooked in a piping hot stone bowl. Some people really enjoy this place, but I find it too mild. However, it'll be a good start if you cannot take heat very well.

    Good luck with ur search! let me know how it went!

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      Thx oohlala for the suggestions.

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        I also like Nakwon for Korean food in the Finch/Yonge area. Like oohlala said, you could make a meal from the banchan alone :) One of the interesting dishes to try at Nakwon, which I haven't found anywhere else and haven't found so far in Korea, where I am right now, is the yumsotang. It's a goat meat stew.... I also like the dol soht bibimbap at Nakwon.

        As a side note, it's sort of interesting, but I remember a while back complaining on a thread about the beef content in bibimbap and how I hated it when restaurants put minced beef instead of bulgogi beef. Now in Korea, I have yet to get ANY meat when I order bibimbap..

      2. I LOVE the kamjatang (pork bone soup) and babimbap at The Owl. I also love the kimchi and daikon that they give you on the side. It's such a comfort food.