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Feb 25, 2008 12:23 PM

Koto Sushi & Steak

Well, mostly sushi. Anyone been to this new place? I believe they just opened this weekend. The menu looks like your typical neighborhood Japanese joint -- nothing too exotic or fancy.

It's on Henry and Carroll, kitty corner from Lucali's where the optometrist used to be. Maybe they're hoping to catch some of the pizza crowd overflow.

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  1. I picked up a menu from Koto last weekend, but haven't eaten there. The menu looks appetizing enough, but I don't understand how dead restaurants (as this seemed to be) keep a full stock of fresh, raw fish. This is a mystery to me. They offer omakase, which is intriguing.

    1. Just went to Koto... as we wanted to give em' some newly opened love. My wife is Japanese and since we moved to the hood a few years ago.. we certainly miss the better offerings of the East Village Sushi and midtown Japanese scene... and are always searching for a " good enough" Japanese place in Brooklyn. Of course we were a bit hesitant to go here as it looked very quiet.. however we were impressed. The menu was a bit small ... nothing too fancy or special.. but the service was great.. and the sushi was rather good.. better then the place on court and 4th... and my wife had broiled salmon and it came on a really nice platter of fresh steamed veggies.. a nice extra touch.. I would say this place is just fine for the every other wek neighborhood sushi fix.. they were very nice, and the place is clean and the food is actually good.... the said they are redoing the menu in a week. I wish them success.. we will see them again!

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        With all respects to your review, the sushi place on Court and 4th is hardly worth a comparision in the discussion of sushi. That place is -dreadful-.

      2. My wife and I, too, had a good experience. We actually went there for lunch today by default, when a new tapas place on Columbia Street we wanted to try proved to be closed. I was a bit suspect, since I haven't had much good sushi in Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill, and the place was empty. But Koto proved a pleasant surprise. As hellochubo pointed out, the service was great--kind and attentive. And since we were there alone, we got all their attention. The sushi and various rolls we ordered were notably fresh tasting. The rice didn't have that stiff quality you see a lot. I like sushi to be almost melt-in-your-mouth good, and this came close to the product I find at my favorite Manhattan places. I recommend the salmon skin roll as particularly toothsome. My wife, who's always curious and friendly with restaurant staff, talked to the sushi chef a bit, and, as a result, he made her a special roll using a kind of fermented bean popular in Japan, which I had never heard of before. It wasn't my cup of tea, but my wife loved it. I also order pan-fried pork dumpings. They weren't made on the premises—the waitress said they got them from some Japanese company—but they were most and delicious. Didn't seem processed.

        They said a wine license will come next week. Didn't seem much steak on the menu, but they said they have ribeye and filet mignon is coming. All in all, beats the sushi place on Columbia Street to heck. Nice people. Worth a try.

        1. Hey I live a few buildings down from Koto. I travel all the time for my work, and they must have opened while i was on the road. "Steve", the sushi chef is friendly and very talented. He was copying the styles of some of the higher end Manhattan sushi places, making us laugh, and always serving us familiar fish in new, exciting ways. I have been a few times now, and the Achi (horse mackerel) is my absolute favorite, followed by seared yellowtail with jalapeno. I no longer order from the menu, I just let Steve keep giving me fresh pieces. This can be a pricey habit, but I believe its the only way to do it. Enjoy Koto!!!

          1. Really good. I was scared of this place at first, because it isn't that crowded. But it's new, and they seem to be picking up. The sushi is honestly some of the best I've had in NYC, and definitely without a doubt the best in the neighborhood. Blows the standbys like Osaka away.

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              Agreed. Went for the first time tonight, and found the fish to be super fresh. The kitchen dishes were good too. It was extremely quiet, but that could be because it's a Monday. This is our new regular japanese joint in the nabe.