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Feb 25, 2008 12:17 PM


Recommendation on "the" place to eat in Shanghai ...

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    1. re: e_ting

      The original one is Tiang Ping Lu 上海天平路店, 天平路41号, No.41 Tian Ping Road, 8621-6282 9260 but it caters more for the locals. For tourists, the branch at XinTianDi is probably more comfortable. 上海新天地分店 , 新天地广场9号楼 太仓路181弄2号 No.9 Xin Tian Di Complex Tai Cang Road,Tel 8621-6336 4746. I have only been to the original branch, the food is quite good but rather greasy. One of their signature dish is 红烧肉 (translation: braised pork on brown sauce???) and I agree it is the best I had. The Hunan style is reportedly Chairman Mao's favorite dish.

      There have been many write ups on Shanghai so if you research on past threads, you will get many recommendations.

      1. re: FourSeasons

        i can only recommend the original one - seems that the other ones aren't as greeat (food wise), but yes, i have to agree, the original isn't the most comfy place to sit in, but hey, the food's good!

        1. re: e_ting

          It is not just the comfort level, but I am not sure if there is English menu, or if English is spoken there. Also the presentation is very local. I have never been inside the XinTian Di branch but has walked passed a few times and noted that there are many tourists and expats who dine there, unlike the original branch which was 100% local and oversea Chinese, with better atmosphere and presentation, and most likely higher fare as well.
          And I agree with Xiao Yang that there is no such thing as "the" place or "must". There are simply too many restaurants with great varieties and it really depends on each individual preference and taste bud.

      2. re: e_ting

        I find "must" problematic, out of context. For me, a single MUST would be xiaolong bao at Jia Jia Tang Bao, for others it might be a pricey place like Whampoa Club (NOT) or even some trendy Western venue. If you say Xin Jishi, you could easily have said Lao Banzhai, Meiyuancun, Wang Baohe, or Lao Zhengxing, for instance, all of whom fly the benbang flag proudly.

        1. re: Xiao Yang

          indeed! lao zhenxing is one of my SH faves too!!

          1. re: e_ting

            Is it still herring season? I never seem to be in Shanghai at the right time of year to enjoy their herring dishes at their peak.

        2. re: e_ting

          Cannot agree more on Ji Shi/Jesse - the original on Tian Ping Road. Just doesn't seem right to leave Shanghai without going there...

          1. re: Peech

            I am surprised two nominate the original branch of Ji Shi as the "must" place to go. I certainly think there are as many good Shanghai restaurants there, like those old traditional ones mentioned by Xiao Yang and the new modern contemporary ones. The 红烧肉 in Ji Shi was fantastic, infact, probably the best one I ever had. But the other dishes I tried were rather mediocre so I would not really recommend as "the" place even though I would not mind to go back there again.