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Antico Forno question

Any recommendations on what to get? Any nearby place to go before dinner for a cocktail? Thanks.

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  1. Chicken Parm is fantastic. Not sure about cocktails in the N.E. unless you are brave enough to go into The Four Winds.

    1. I'd recommend anything that comes out of the brick oven that gives Antico Forno its name. The Neapolitan-style pizzas and oven-baked pastas are all generally pretty good. As a rule, this is probably a good place to keep it simple.

      Cocktails -- perhaps one of the Italian caffes on Hanover? Vittoria or Paradiso?

      1. The chick parm is great..as is most everyything from the wood burning oven.

        For cocktails, Bacco on Salem is good..and c lose if the weather is bad. Florentine or Bricco on Hanover, or Prezza on Fleet has a nice bar..a little further walk. All are fine for wine or beer but think the mixed cocktails are probably best at Prezza

        1. You should try their version of Eggplant Rollatini for an app and then the Frutta Di Mare baked in parchment paper. It is a very generous portion of linguine with all types seafood cooked in a parchment paper bag which they open at the tables. Very good!!

          1. frutta de mare, just be sure to dump it all out of the foil and parchment
            pizza pizza pizza!
            eggplant rollatini
            pasta and sausage

            the Italian chardonnay is quite nice even with the red sauce dishes

            1. I also like the Rigatoni Salsiccia E Ricotta (rigatoni with Italian sausage and sweet onions, in a plum tomato sauce topped with ricotta cheese). One of their house classics.

              As mentioned, the pizza is quite good, but I recommend asking for it well-done.

              Oh, and for cocktails, join me over at Pete's Pub (now Durty Nelly's) right in front of where the Haymarket takes place.

              1. Agree with Frutta Di Mare, Chicken parm, eggplant, actually look for entrees from the brick oven, pretty much a winner. Get a reservation and go hungry!

                1. I always get the linguine with clams baked in parchment.

                  1. Can't beat the chicken parm, but when I was there this weekend I was in the mood for mussels. So, I asked if I could get mussels with linguini in a spicy sauce (not on the menu) and they were happy to oblige. The sauce and mussels were wonderful, but the best thing was the price, only $12!!! I hadn't thought to ask and when the bill came I fully expected the dish to be in the $20 range, what a nice suprise. From there it was an after dinner cocktail at Artu. Mat makes the best expresso martinis!!

                    1. Just be aware that if you get your drink at Florentine on Hanover you're going to have to watch a looped tape of Frank Sinatra from 1965 or so OVER and OVER, crooning along with Dean Martin, Dina Shore, et. al. That's why they can't keep a bartender. One time I saw the guy behind the bar take off his apron in a huff and disappear. Never came back, LOL.

                      We've started drinking at Artu around the block--brand new bar area and it's just fine.

                      1. The best cocktails in the NE are at Lucca with Prezza coming in at a close second.

                        1. I agree with the Lucca for cocktails recommendation. Both drinks and bartenders are wonderful and it's a fun place to be. The Florentine used to be a fabulous place to have a drink but times have changed. We decided to "re-visit" the place with friends not too long ago and the bartender was awful with a very sour disposition...took all the fun out of the place. Head to Lucca's!