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3 Dinners in LA: Jitlada, and.....?????

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Hey, need some help! This ex-New Yorker, now living in San Francisco, could use some help in finding three spots for dinner in the LA area.

Thinking Jitlada for Thai, but I'm clueless on other genres...maybe someplace Kosher (or "Kosher-style") and would really love to find a great Indian restaurant.

Any advice, fellow Chowhounds?


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  1. You fail to specify what area you're staying in or what price range you want, so I'm just going ahead and assuming that since the Westside is the Centre of the Universe:

    Indian: Nawab of India, 1621 Wilshire (17th), Santa Monica - 310.829.1106
    North Indian cuisine

    Kosher: Magic Carpet, 8566 Pico (La Cienega), LA - 310.652.8507
    Kosher Yemeni food

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      As a chowhound, I'm assuming when you say the Westside is the Center of the Universe you are referring to the westside of the San Gabriel Valley.

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        Um, yeah, that's it... [grin].

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      michael (mea culpa)

      Thinking Jitlada for Thai, but I'm clueless on other genres>>
      Jitlada is OK, actually, I think pretty good for takeout. Better would be either Kruang Tedd or Palms Thai, both in the Thai Town area. Just do a search for numerous posts.

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        been to Jitlada once the food is horrible and tasteless. try Sanamluang or Salandang instead.

      2. I have to agree that Jitlada is absolutely horrendous. I would prefer Saladang Song, Chili Thai, Thai Beer, Natalee Thai to name a few.

        1. Try Factor's, on Pico and Beverly, for a very good jewish deli if that's on your list. If you find a good Indian restaurant, please share. My wife is Bengali, and after eating her mother's cooking (and learning to do it myself), I am unable to dine out on Indian food anywhere in LA. And I've tried.

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            unfortunately, the vast majority of indian restaurants serve a standard fare of north indian food, heavy on the mughal influences (lots of meat, lots of cream). for anything else (south indian, for example -- or bengali) you'll probably have to search high and low. i wish i could offer some pointers, but i don't live in LA anymore...

          2. I second the Magic Carpet recommendation if you need kosher. If you just want great middle eastern food, check out Sunnin (Lebanese) on Westwood just north of Santa Monica. Great hole-in-the-wall.

            For Indian, I'm partial to Electric Lotus' new restaurant on 3rd Street, east of La Cienega. There's on in Los Feliz also, but this one's better.

            1. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Chan Darae on Cahuenga (I don't bother with the other two locations which are far inferior). I find the food there tasty and authentic (as far as I can tell), and most importantly, fresh. I am very particular about meat and try not to order it if the place looks... questionable. I've had good experiences at Chan Darae when it comes to the freshness of meat but can't say the same about Jitlada.

              1. For Indian, I'd go to India's Oven. I love their daal and mint chutney. Although the decor suffers from the 80's syndrome as well as the ubiquitous dusty rose color scheme (can somebody explain the dusty rose thing in Indian restaurants? I've been to at least 8 with the same dusty rose--what's the deal???), the food is very good and consistent. I briefly worked with an Indian guy who had to have Indian food everyday for lunch and this was his favorite place.

                2 locations that I know of: Beverly w. of La Brea & Wilshire near Barrington.

                1. I've tried about every Thai restaurant in LA, and the best, bar none, is Renu Nakorn on Rosecrans in Norwalk. If that's too far afield for ya, Palms Restaurant on Hollywood Bl in Thai Town is great, Ruenpair next door is amazing for chinese-influenced Thai (and the best som tam in LA), Kruang Tedd is fun on Hollywood, and Sanamluong across the street is good, and there's a nice, fishier restaurant down the street from Chan Dara called Chao Praya if you want nice decor or western influence. Another far-afielder is Thai Nakorn, in Buena Park on Stanton Avenue, and though it has a wider variety of dishes, I think the cooking is about on par with Palms Restaurant on Hollywood in Thai Town.

                  For Indian, I was terribly partial to Canard de Bombay in Studio City, but they've closed (anyone know where they went)? Absent Canard, I'd go for Electric Lotus, which is delish, and the East India Cafe on La Brea near Beverly Bl. for excellent tandoori (including tandoori prawns, yum!). A lighter Indian fare and fun decor can be had at Pradeep's on Montana in SMonica. I had some good food at Nawab on Wilshire in SMonica Monday, though it's a pricier, tablecloth'd joint.