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Feb 25, 2008 11:42 AM

Minado or Asia Buffet - which one do I like better?

The answer is Asia Buffet.

I first have to make it clear that I don't care for the buffet food. My only concern is sushi.

So when I said that I like Asia Buffet more than Minado, I am only comparing the two on the sushi offering.

To me, Minado put out a lot of sushi for you to pick. They used a machine to make the sushi rice. They filled up the sushi efficiently. I think they had some simple maki selection and hand roll too but I am not positive. Nevertheless, to me, the sushi were flavorless and kind of run-of-the-mill production. My verdict is "no return".

After reading some positvie comments of Asia Buffet, I was struggling for days to decide whether I should give it a try. I knew that I most probably was going to be disappointed but as they were claiming that they made sushi to order, they shouldn't be too bad. Thus, I decided to go on the President's day. To minimize the possible loss, I went for lunch by myself.

I sat at the back of the restaurant. I was a bit disappointed when I found that they did not offer my favorites, yellowtail and fresh eel sushi. But I was glad that they had so many kinds of maki to choose from. I ordered tuna sushi, tuna maki, crazy maki, spider maki and others. After 15 minutes, the sushi came. When I saw them, I knew that my money shall be well spent. Everything tasted and looked good. My only complaint was the rice. Although they were not even close to Osihii's standard, I would say that they were much better than Minado, Mr. Sushi and other buffet places like Hudson buffet.

Including the tips, I paid like $18. I don't know I will bring my husband to Asia buffet but I'm sure that I don't mind going there by myself again.

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  1. Does Asia Buffet serve sashimi? My memory is that Minado offers sashimi only at dinner and that if you don't eat the rice with your sushi Minado assesses a "waste" charge.

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      TC and I went for dinner on Xmas Day. There were abut 5 choices of sashimi, IIRC...Even some seared beef carpaccio!..
      Tuna, escolar, something white, maybe some salmon,and one other...They offered, at least at that time, the sushi option to their buffet as $4 or so extra...I thought this was a good alternative, and he money was well spent...
      For comparoin purposes, we have never beento Minado.

    2. That sounds pretty excellent. I like the AYCE off-the-menu sushi concept much better than the Minado-type buffet style. Sushi on a buffet will get dried out in a matter of 1-2 minutes.

      1. Anyone know if Todai is open?

        1. I think Minado is rather mediocre and their stupid policy about charging for not eating the rice infuriates me. I was sad to see Rainbow/Super Buffet go. I will try Asia Buffet soon.

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          1. re: Seamus7

            Go there before they change the made-to-order policy or the quality goes downhill. It is kind of the fate of a buffet place.

            I don't remember the name of the maki that has fried shrimp. This is an order that I am willing to pay $9 for .

          2. Asia Buffet does have Yellowtail, but only at dinner (turn over the sushi menu sheet for the dinner options).

            They also do have some sashimi at the buffet next to the sushi chefs. Not a huge sashimi selection, but if you got there just when they put it out, you could get a decent portion.

            Nice to go there, order some sushi, have a bowl of miso soup while you wait, and enjoy the free drink refills.