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Feb 25, 2008 11:20 AM

Best oyster place in Fairfield County?

So where are the best places to enjoy oysters in Fairfield County? I've tried Ocean 211 in Stamford, and they have a fantastic selection and are always perfectly shucked. Where else should I indulge?

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  1. Ocean Drive - SoNo. Without a doubt.

    1. Try Elm Street Oyster House in Greenwich. Usually server 6-8 different oysters from both East and West Coasts.

      1. Ocean Drive is jfood favorite. jfood only eats the west coast variety and so far OD has fulfilled this idiosyncracy.

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          I happen to favor the West Coast variety, but enjoy some East Coast oysters too. Are there any other good places that serve West Coast oyster's you've come across, jfood?

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            Ocean Drive has the best selection out in FFD county and Keen's in NYC had the best jfood has eaten out here.

        2. The Black Rock Oyster Bar (Fairfield) has a great selection. Very friendly waitstaff, too.

          1. I would stay away from Elm Street Oyster House. I had one of the worst dining experiences of my life there!!

            I love the food there and have eaten there close to 15 times, but after our last dinner there 2 years ago I refuse to go back.

            We waited at the bar for close to a hour and had drinks and apps. That was fine and we were having a good time. We were seated and given almost no time to order. Once we did they delivered our apps. in a nice amount of time. Here is where the trouble began. We were still eating our apps. when the main course came. I explained we were still eating. The waiter refused to move and just stood there. He stood there the whole time untill my wife still had her last piece on her fork and they took our plates and put down our entrees.

            I asked for the manager. He came over with a major attitude! I exxplaine that we needed 15 or 20 minutess befor the next course. I asked him to please recook the food and keep it warm under lights for 20 minutes. He said he would not do that. I explained we were being rushed and this was no way to run a restaurant. I then asked for the owner. He said he was both manager and owner.

            I refused my entree but my wife was starving and ate hers. No apologies, no glass of wine or anything. The manager and I then had a heated discussion. His answer was that it was a small restaurant and people need to be moved in and out quickly for turnover!

            We were at the bar for over a hour, but at our table for a full meal in under a hour. I reported them to the Greenwich Better Business Bureau. I will never eat there again!!!!!

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              Wow, stevel, that's the same experience I had with a restaurant.

              In addition, Elm St. is waaaaaaaaay overpriced. Thanks for the heads up.

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                That's too bad, it only takes one event like that to change the viewpoint. And from those of us who have actually eaten many good meals there it is an unfortunate experience.

                If you like the wasabi tuna, have you tried the mahogony sea bass at Ocean drive. It has that same +/- sorta feel plus they give a side of wasabi mashed potatoes (ask for extra since the portion is getting smaller every year). Plus the oysters at OD are better, the atmosphere is better and the servers are all really pleasant. And then add a really good MOD who understands competition and good service.

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                  Wow, I'm sorry to hear that. I haven't been to the Elm Street Oyster House since it first opened, back in the mid-90's. At that time, it was one guy with a couple of hot plates. He gave me a fabulous recipe for seafood chili that is a huge hit whenever I make it. After he sold it, I tried to go back one evening but it was too crowded.

                  Isn't Elm St. owned by the same people who own Rye Grill, Backals and others (maybe Ruby's? Morgan Fish House?)

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                    Yikes, what a rotten experience! Elm Street Oyster House has been on my "to try" list for a while, but Ocean or Harbor Lights always seem to win out when Elm Street is in the consideration set. Not so sure they will have a place for consideration anymore after reading about some bad experiences...

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                      wow, now i feel like I have egg on my face for the reco. I too have been there a dozen times or so and never even come close to that experience. The owner was even nice enough to reserve a table for me once for a party of 10 if we came in by 6pm, of course he got a handshake from me at the same time. I agree with jfood, it takes one poor, or in your case horrendous, outing to ruin a place that used to be enjoyed and I dont blame you for never stepping foot in there again.

                      May I ask where you go for Oysters now?