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Recs for Las Vegas-- 6 girls

hello! i know there are a lot of posts with las vegas restaurant recommendations, but none really suited my trip... i am going in 2 weeks with 5 friends (not a bachelorette party or anything, just for a fun weekend) and would love some great meals. this is our first trip to vegas! we live in NYC so are no stranger to many of the restuarants out there, so we'd like to try something different. no price range in mind, but want some trendy/happening places that would be good for a group of girls. any suggestions would be great! thanks.

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  1. well, what kind of foods do you girls like??? do you want a big name chef like Emeril, WGP, MM, Todd English.... or do you just want casual dining???

    I would try the Eiffel Tower Rest. at Paris LV, or Top of the World at Startosphere Tower, or for a good steak try Smith & Wolensky's (across from Monte Carlo), or off the strip try Morton's, Roy's, McCormick & Schmidt's, Laudry's the prime rib. I hear Bally's Steakhouse is good too.

    For a really nice italian meal in a classic vegas speakeasy joint, try The Bootlegger Bistro (about a 1/2 mile past mandalay bay on the strip).

    1. For trendy and happening, I'd suggest Voodoo Lounge at the top of the Rio. ISame idea as Eiffel Tower or the top of the Stratosphere. It looks a little crummy as you get off the elevator but I suspect that's by design. You can drink in the bar on the roof and catch the view. The food in the restaurant is OK, not bad enough to stay away from the place if you would enjoy the location. The Rio is off strip but only a quick drive/cab ride.

      1. Tao at the Venetian is a great place to eat with a trendy atmosphere, and it turns into a club later a night. The food is actually really good, it's Asian-inspired. Another few places that I personally haven't dined at, but get mentions on the board are Fix at the Bellagio and N9ne at the Palms. They're both trendy, but it really depends on what age group you're in...the one's I've mentioned are more geared toward the 20s/younger 30s, but again, I haven't been to the last two, just Tao. Have fun in Vegas!

        1. Will you be visiting through the weekend?

          1. hi all! thanks for the recommendations. i should have mentioned we're in our mid-20s. maybe we'll try n9ne at the palms since we made a res. for social house already. we'll be there through the weekend!

            1. oh and i should have mentioned we're staying at the mandalay bay and wanted to have dinner on the strip so it will be convenient for going out afterwards!

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                you picked two great spots in social house and n9ne ...since you are hitting social house, i would skip tao ( they are similar but i believe social house has better food..tao has the advantage of hitting the club afterwards but a group of 5-6 ladies in the mid-20's...shouldn't have a problem getting into tao - the nite club ! ) either stack or fix - both are hip/cool and food is decent ( not great ) ....since you are staying at mandalay - suggest a trip up to mix lounge ( personally, i am not a fan of the food but several speak highly of it ) - it's a very nice start to the evening - a great view ( including a great "view" from the bathroom ) good cocktails...i also like the drinks at rum jungle at mandalay.....for an early evening or afternoon meal - burger bar at the mandalay is very, very good. planet hollywood has trader vic's and koi ( i've enjoyed koi in so cal but i've yet to try it in vegas...my guess - comparable to social house so you might want to pass on that too ) luxor has a few places - one is company american bistro - i'm trying it next week - one of the top chef guys ...marcel ...is working there now ( not sure he's the top chef ) and then you can hit LAX after that....the other place in luxor is cathouse...

                happy eating !

              2. GOt to say Vodoo and Eifell Tower not hip and the food not so good in my opinion and ridiculous for the quality Tao -- hip and a beautiful spot just a cluster of people anytime after 10. Social House at TI is hip and good -- just pricey. and it might be nice enough to sit on the patio. I heard Cathouse is good and I used to enjoy Simon's at the hard rock (not love it but it was good for a quick bite before hitting drinking at the hard rock) but someone just told me they closed cathouse because the second floor dropped 8 inches. There are some solid places that get lots of bachelor party guys dining on the weekends which may be fun - Craftsteak (I got picked up with my mother sitting next to me) Stripsteak at Mandalay, Ni9e at the Palms (yeah for guys its mostly steak but all of those places have great food and a good young vibe). I really enjoyed Enoteca San Marco at Venetian -- not so hip but solid, fun and reasonable and Mario Batali. I gotta say I rather go for the solid food and service for dinner and then hit hip afterwards but the above should help especially if you are confined to the strip.

                1. I like Fix at the Bellagio. Been there several times with my gfs, and it's always a hit with everyone. Good drinks, good food (fun takes on comfort food, like lobster tacos, mini grilled cheese with an espresso cup of tomato soup, so it's conducive to sharing, which is always fun on a girls night!). Location is also great because the restaurant has no windows and basically spills out onto the casino floor. Since it's near Light, it's great for people watching.

                  1. thanks for everyone's suggestions! we're going on friday, so if anyone has any other ideas please share. i appreciate all the help!

                    1. Lotus of Siam if you like Thai food.

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                        I'm sure Lotus is great but I doubt 6 girls seeking trendy places will be happy there.

                      2. There's a brand new place that Paris Hilton's sister opened with two guy partners. I think it's in Treasure Island (TI)? Not sure the name but google it and see what you come up with. It sounds appealing to young people.