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Is Fairway Market coming to Paramus, NJ?

I heard a rumor back in June that Fairway Market was coming to Route 17 in the fashion center in Paramus. I haven't heard anything else about it. Last I heard there were some issues b/c of Fairway that is in Fort Lee. I'm not sure if they are part of the Fairway Market that is in Manhattan though. Anyone have any news?

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  1. Did a quick poke around Google. Sounds like the Fairway in Fort Lee is not part of the Fairway Market of NYC. The Fairway/NYC group is the one that wants to open in Paramus, but they are having legal difficulty (trademark issues) because of the Fairway/Fort Lee group:

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      Yes, that's just what I was talking about. I wish I knew if the trouble was resolved yet.

    2. While Fairway is up for discussion, I recall some talk in the past about the possibility of a Westchester store. Anything out there about that?

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        The announcement last year was that the opening was scheduled for Fall 2008. I would sincerely doubt that the hissy fit that the little Fort Lee store had over the name would do anything to change the prospective opening date. Probably more to do with permits from Paramus.

        1. re: menton1

          That little hissy store has been around for over forty years, does quite a good business for it self, and seeming that they have properly registered and trademarked their name in Bergen County (and very possibly all of New Jersey) "Fairway" is their name to use in that jurisdiction. NY Fairway can't even use the argument that they have been in business longer, because they have not. It looks like NY Fairway is going to have to fork over some serious retirement money to NJ Fairway for this one.

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          Unless things have changed, the Westchester Fairway possibility was little more than a rumor based on a response of "we're always looking for new locations" when someone asked about Westchester.

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            Not true that it was little more than a rumor Mister Bill. Had conversation today and was told that Fairway will be happening in Westchester although those plans have been pushed back and Paramus is opening next. After that Queens. Will tell entire conversation on the Fairway coming to Westchester thread for which I was the OP who inquired and received the email.

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              Can't find the link you are mentioning and am very curious about your mention of upcoming locations, especially Queens.

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                No need to be offended for the Cafasso store in Fort Lee. It seemed like a hissy fit to me, because Cafasso knows that they have ZERO customers from Paramus and environs. The Fort Lee store is a very difficult spot to get to, and its loyal customers hail from FT Lee and the immediate surroundings.

                NO ONE will confuse the 2, and FT Lee will lose NO business to the Paramus Fairway. That's why I consider that whine they had last year about the name a "hissy fit". They should worry more about their FT Lee customers shooting over the GW to the Harlem Fairway!!

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                  Contrary to your statement, I know of people that go to Fairway, Fort Lee from Saddle River. They have the right to the Fairway name in New Jersey. I am quite certain that this can be worked out but not if New York Fairway takes some bulldog attitude.

                  1. re: menton1

                    Sounds like you don't run a business. When NYC Fairway opened, I thought it was a branch of the Ft. Lee store.

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                  Laylag, I found your thread but did not see your update.

                  1. re: love2cookmb

                    I haven't had time to write the update but will do so today or tomorrow. Seems like it would be a quick thing I know but I have another part of the yesterday's Fairway visit story I want to tell and don't want to be responsible for a zillion Fairway posts.

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                      I emailed fairway directly and was told that the hold up is still because of the store in Fort Lee. I asked when it would open and the reply was "we are not at liberty to discuss our plans right now...". So, I'm curious to know if you have any info other than that.

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                        Actually, FT Lee is CLOSER to the Harlem Fairway than the would-be store in Ridgewood/Paramus. If there is someone with a legal background that could enlighten us on the exact legal issues involved here, that would be appreciated. I wouldn't think this has to do with State lines, but perhaps it does. I've also seen slight variations on a name that worked.

                        P.S. The NY Fairway has been in business 20 years longer than the Ft Lee one.

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                          Not even close, the NJ little Fairway was established in 1961.

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                            A phone call to the Fashion Center management office confirmed the Fairway opening circa Fall '08. P.S. to byrd: Fairway on Bway and 74th was established in the mid-1940s.

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                              Thanks menton1 for going the extra mile and getting the correct info. Just seven or eight months to go. Until they open one in Westchester the Tappan Zee and I will be seeing a lot of each other. This is very exciting. Isn't that pathetic - I'm like a Fairway groupie.

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                                maybe not a groupie, but desparate for a good grocery store in Bergen county...The current choices dissapoint me to no end.

                3. http://www.northjersey.com/business/n...

                  Looks like it's been approved and they can start construction.

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                  1. I live 5 minutes away and the GOOD NEWS is they expect to be open in the fall around september october. On the back door where they are doing construction is the Fairway logo.

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                      Well, we're in Mid September now! Any updates? Hopefully they'll be ready to go before Thanksgiving!!! I can't wait!

                    2. I heard now that they are not opening up in Paramus until the beginning of 2009

                      1. Any updates on when the Paramus store is opening? It has been a very long time since I heard any news!

                        1. Fairway Market in Paramus is scheduled for opening in March 2009. Construction is going well!

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                            Yup. I heard the within the first 2 weeks of March. And the Westchester store is opening Fall '09. I also heard that they plan to open more stores after Westchester.

                            1. re: giacomojoyce

                              Many in Bergen / Essex / Hudson have been to Fairway - either in Harlem (with its cold room) or the flagship @ Broadway & 74th. For those that have not, prepare to be blown away: Yes, there is Shop-Rite,yes there is Stop&Shop, yes there is Whole Paycheck (ahem, I mean Whole Foods), but this is as good as it gets! If they don't have it, you don't need it: The finest specialty, 15 different types of ham in the deli (did anyone say, Jamon Iberico?); fresh, artisanal bread; a meat counter that will blow you away; an olive oil selection second only to a Barcelona or Parisian market. For God's sake they have Jenkins! Steve Jenkins of "Cheese Primer" fame - the man who brought cheese and European foods to our shores! No matter where you shop, if you have any specialty food in your kitchen, chances are Steve Jenkins had something to do with it.

                              Yes, my friends, Epicureus has smile upon Northern NJ! March is the month. Prepare yourselves, it won't get better than this!!

                              The goddess, Demeter has smiled upon Bergen County!!!

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                                I've never been to Fairway though have heard great things (the thought of paying a toll to visit a grocery store put off even my most ardent foodgeek ways)...i'm totally excited.

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                                I don't understand why there's a sign up on Route 17 in Paramus prominently saying "FAIRWAY" if it's NOT OPEN yet! Why don't they put a "COMING SOON" banner over that?! Come on! They're just taunting us.

                                Fairway at 74th & Broadway in Manhattan has a great selection of gourmet products including an excellent olive bar and some great chocolate, tea, baked goods, and cheese. I hope the Paramus store has a similar selection. Plus there is a large selection of organic groceries if you're into that, and fancy soaps, bulk granola, etc. etc. I'm not impressed with most of their prices on "normal" grocery items though -- all of that is much cheaper at ShopRite.

                                But they really need to get a "COMING SOON" banner up on that sign. It's very distracting.

                                1. re: Ike

                                  I keept wondering about that myself, Im a lover of the Trader Joes there, when is this fairway set to open???

                                  1. re: Asumnuthin

                                    If anyone remembers the origins of the Trader Joe's in Edgewater, it seemed like the "coming soon" sign was up forever, sort of like some place's "going out of business" signs. March '09 is what has been reported-like everything, subject to change.

                              1. re: sixelagogo

                                Fairway is open in Paramus -- I was there the other week.

                                Two reviews here -- one for those who have never been to any of the Fairway's, and those who have.

                                If you haven't been, it's fantastic -- gourmet goodies everywhere at low prices. (Well, as low as you're likely to see for such high-end stuff). Great produce, cheese, meat, fish, baking supplies... Worth going (modestly) out of your way for.

                                If you are Fairway afficionado (I still remember when the 74th Street store was just ONE storefront wide, and you had to fight with the little old ladies from the Upper West Side on the weekends to get your fresh basil...) then here's the dirt:

                                I've been to three of the four Fairways (125th Street, 74th Street, Red Hook) and this is my least favorite. Why?

                                1. Crazed parking lot.

                                2. No walk-in meat room like 125th.

                                3. The shoppers. Please allow me to be a New York snob. Shopping at Fairway when it's busy is like being in a really intense professional kitchen -- if you are around good kitchen crew (not necessarily gourmets; just those in the know), they UNDERSTAND; no matter how busy the kitchen is, they are always able to pirouette out of your way and do their work and everything rocks. When you're in a kitchen with the inexperienced and awkward, somehow they are always standing exactly where you need to be, holding the one tool you need RIGHT AWAY, although they're not sure why they are holding it.

                                ANYWAY... compared to the other Fairways, the shoppers at Paramus like to run in to old friends and then stand in a cluster with their four shopping carts, in the middle of the aisle while simultaneously blocking the entire lovely dried fruit section. Now remember that this is no knock at the staff or the store; it's the CUSTOMERS that are the problem. I'm hoping that over time they will catch their "kitchen legs" and learn to shop in complete groovy harmony with their fellow foodies. STILL worth going to -- we need you to be there as a shining example for the newcomers.


                                1. re: gleng1

                                  love yer kitchen analogy- it is SPOT ON......welcome to Jersey, where the only thing worse than the customer service are customers who are serviced...