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Feb 25, 2008 11:06 AM


Late lunch last week...not a great experience...I hope everyone is taking a break now and then to take a breath...the potential is there.

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  1. I was wondering if you had posted a reply about Sauce before. Earle Ct.

    1. How about more info for us less informed. I'll assume "Sauce" is a restuarant. Which of the New England states is it in? And then what town or city? What about your experience was not great? Why do you think it has potential? Why should "everyone" take a break now and then to take a breath? I did a search on "Sauce" and "Sauce Restaurant", and there about 85,000+ entries.

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        My wild guess would be There isn't really anything at the website but judging by the locations that sodagirl has postings about this would be my guess.

        The queen of all things google!!!

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          Its a relatively new Restaurant in Glastonbury, on Hebron Ave. about a block from Main ST. located in a 2 or 3 story building.(Not Sure how many floors)( This site will give you a little more info. on it. I have seen there menu and have noticed that it is a little on the high side,(at least in my opinion). considering where it is. Hope this helps. Earle Ct.

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            Sauce is an upscale restaurant on Hebron Avenue in Glastonbury, Connecticut. It is located in the new Eriktown development which is an upscale retail, office and restaurant complex in what is considered to be the center of this upscale suburb of Hartford. I am not sure why Earle thinks it is too pricey for the location but there are a number of upscale and pricey restaurants in town.

            Sauce has recieved rave reviews from the media and from people on this board. There is commonly a long wait to get into the place on peak nights which is not common here. It only opened right before the holidays and of course is experiencing the typical pains of a new place. Jay

            1. re: JayCT

              Ahhh, thanks for the detailed info, that certainly helps.

              1. re: MagnumWino

                I mean there are people out there who don;t live in Connecticut? after a while you get used to the people who live in certain areas... They may not always like my approach but I will say JayCT has a good opinion on most posts as does Earle for central CT.

                The man who owns Sauce is a long time restauranteur and was involved with a couple of places that have opened in the past few Canton (Simmer blew me away the first time), Glastonbury and West Hartford. (He is a great guy who has gone through both professional and personal challenges and I have known him for many years...)

                All his places start off well with attractive and upscale ambiance...but the menus...while creative seem to falter as the time goes on...things are good...but not so good you crave the experience. probably the chef and staff burning out because they are so busy...which is why I said to stop and take a know in France and Italy...most restaurants close after late, are not open at least one day a week and get summers off)

                My Rosemary Chicken at lunch was dry, sauce/jus was non existent...and the vegetables just sort of "there".

                The polenta fries was just a big plate of polenta cooked into sticks and the Marinara sauce seemed to have thickened on the steam table.

                Pasta was bland and uneventful.

                I am not a food snob...I look for positives...

                I had a similar experience at Amelia's in Simsbury a few months ago..but that experience was downright troubling...(and again ...I know the chef...he was at Anna's in Glastonbury before his move...he has real talent but needs to learn to interact with customers)...and he recieved accolades in the Courant this past week (if you consider any review by G. Morego valid) you are right...I always give people time...but was hoping in the spirit of constructive might help.

                Regarding cost...I thought it was very reasonable...espcially considering what has happened to utilities, food cost and the rent in hoity toity G'bury.

                By the way...had some great cupcakes from that new little bakery across the street...Sugarbelles? or something...and a very poor, stale, expensive Cantucci (Biscotti) from Pazzo's next door.

                1. re: sodagirl

                  Thanks for the clarification Sodagirl. I am sorry to hear that your food was not good when you were there. I was there for lunch a few weeks back and had a much better experience. I hope it was just a one time problem. We will see. Every new restaurant has problems. Jay

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                    Hi sodagirl, I do in fact live in Ct, but had never heard of Sauce. Thanks a bunch for the in-depth info. I too really liked Simmer the couple of times I have been there, have not been there recently though.

        2. I went to Sauce yesterday for lunch again. It was very good. I had spagettii and meatballs (the same as I had before) and really enjoyed it. My coworker had a tuna sandwich and it was excellent. It was stunning to look at and tasted great according to him. The bill was under $40 with tip so not too bad for an upscale lunch. Service was very good too. I will probably go back in a few weeks when my supervisor comes up to visit. Jay

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            Keep us posted...

            Had a great dinner at Catsup and Mustard in Manchester this week...and I am picky about hamburgers

          2. Since I don't usually try new places for about a year, I will chalk up our experience to their inexperience. The server was obnoxious and intrusive, the piano player was sad. The decor is quite nice but the curtains should be closed as lights from passing cars hit you every minute or so if you are seated next to the large windows. The place is drafty too. The bread was average and the spread tasted dusty. Nothing like at Bricco or The Cottage, for example. First courses were average, especially the Caesar and the rice balls, supposedly a signature dish were also ho hum. Entrees were excellent, esp my short ribs over the cheesy..... risotto was it? Desserts were another valley rather than a peak, but large at least. I felt the pricing was very fair. I guess I don't get why some people think Glastonbury should be cheaper than Avon, West hartford or Hartford. With restaurants you lamost always get what you pay for and Sauce certainly is not overpriced, despite my problems with it. I'll go back in 6 months.

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              Valid points...I really thought the rice balls...which I like saying better than Arancini...were way too big with no discernable identity or flavor...make them smaller and have them pack a wallop...too many things with marinara.

              Glastonbury should be more expensive the valley..they are only just learning how to be upitty...West Hartford, Simsbury and Farmington have been that way for years!

              Had brunch at Max in Glastonbury on Easter..smoked salmon scrambled eggs...pretty good but had a pretty good upset stomach about 5 that afternoon...can;t attribute it to anything...maybe it was the Guiness with the breakfast

              1. re: sodagirl

                Thats what you get for drinking Irish beer. Ha Ha.