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Feb 25, 2008 10:58 AM

Mexican on the LV Strip?

I'll be in Las Vegas soon without a car. Are there any good Mexican restaurants on the Strip?? I've tried the "taqueria" in the Venetian a couple of times but I'm looking for something different. A search of this board has not been fruitful so I'm guessing it's a no? Thanks for any help you can give.

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  1. most of the mex places on the strip are within the casino's themselves, like Diablo's Cantina @ Monte Carlo, YOLO's @ Planet Hollywood, Diego @ MGM GRAND... if you want "local" Mex, you's got to go off the strip, like my fav Ricardo's about a mile past Palm's casino on Flamingo Road and Decatur.... ask a cabbie how to get there.:)

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      We ate at Diablo's (actually in front of the Monte Carlo, entrance directly on the strip). It was perfectly fine. The shrimp tacos were tasty, but nothing remarkable. The queso, however was really good! It had a nice sharpness, and the chunks of mushroom were woodsy, intense, and large enough to make a nice impact. The sausage they claimed was in there wasn't apparent, but I was so delighted with the mushrooms that I didn't care.

    2. Isla at TI is pretty good especially if you like tequilla. It's not the best Sandoval restaurant in the U.S. but it's better than most in Vegas.