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Feb 25, 2008 10:54 AM

Nawab and Mela

Anybody know anything abt these 2 indian restos. Nawab is at Bathurst and Center and mela is on Avenue rd north of Lawrence. thanks in advance

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  1. Went to Nawab a few weeks after they opened. Very, very expensive. Each dish was a few dollars more than most other indian places I have been. Food was good, but not worth the money. Not really any better than other places to justify the extra cost. From what I recall from speaking with the owner, Nawab is part of a chain of about 4-5 other locations in other countries. If you were going for a special occasion and wanted something a little more upscale in terms of presentation and decor, this would be good. If you just wanted a good meal, I agree with other postes that Indian Kitchen at Yonge and Clark is the best place to go.

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      Is this the same Mela that was on Church for about six months? And isn't the trek from Avenue Rd and Lawrence to Yonge and Clark quite a distance? Cuisine of India is much closer. Or Little India FTM.

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        it isn't the same mela actually (strange because the name is the same but if you do a google search it comes up quite frequently)
        this new mela on avenue is really very nice, really comfortable place to dine-in with excellent service... actually I went in with my boyfriend.. we're pretty strict vegans and although the menu didn't have a lot of options for us, the chef just whipped us up a few personalised dishes.. it was great! :)

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        Haven't been to Nawab, but heard from several people that it's good. I remember looking at the menu online and the prices seamed to be fairly inline with other Indian restos.

        I hear there's a new Indian place on Bathurst just north of Steeles, don't know what's it's called, but it's in the same plaza as Meron, the one just north of the Blockbuster plaza. Heard great things about it.

      3. we got takeout from mela a few weeks ago and were very impressed. food was fresh tasting and very good.

        1. Mmmm. I have been there twice for dinner since they opened. I had the Tandoori mixed grill, the daal with spinach (cant remember the name), the naan and my companion had the butter chicken. I don't really like butter chicken, but it was nice - not as heavy as other places. On my other visit I had the biryani and tandoori chicken. I had something else too, a veggie dish, but I can't remember. The food is great and the restaurant is nice to sit in. The service is really good and it is reasonably priced. I haven't had lunch there, but they do a lunch special, so I plan to try that really soon. Oh yeah, the naan is really really good - perfect.

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            Just curious, Annie--are you referring to Mela or Nawab?