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Feb 25, 2008 10:47 AM

Top 10-15 Balt Rests

I've seen threads for Annapolis and Wash Dc but never really for Baltimore so I figured, hey we can change that. So the top echelon of rest in Baltimore. Your standbys, go-toos and your ace in the hole place

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  1. Here are my top 10 Baltimore restaurants (in random order)
    1. b (Bolton Hill Bistro)
    2. the bar at Brewer's Art
    3. Golden West
    4. Chameleon Cafe
    5. Iggie's
    6. Mama's On The Half Shell
    7. One Eyed Mike's
    8. Akbar
    9. Peter's Inn
    10. Blue Moon

    with an honorable mention for Andy Nelsons (although it is outside of Baltimore City) and the caveat that I didn't include any of the city's market vendors (which are worthy of a whole separate top 10 list).

    1. Here's a handful that stand out to me so far. Not in any particular order:

      Papermoon Diner (my "go to" joint)
      India Rasoi
      Thai Arroy

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      1. re: brats_n_curds

        What is your "go-to" dish at Papermoon? I've never gotten this place.

        1. re: ko1

          I love their breakfast menu. They make this French Toast sandwich thing that I really like (sorry, don't remember the name). It's basically a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich, but the bread is French Toast. For vegetarians, my wife really likes the Tofu scramble thing they do there.

          Good food at a reasonable price, in my opinion.

          1. re: brats_n_curds

            I'm with you, brats n curds. They don't get a lot of love, but I find their breakfast menu perfectly servicable. I'm a fan of the Hamden (sic) omelette. I like it a lot better than places like Sip & Bite, and I even prefer that omelette to Blue Moon's.

            The non breakfast stuff is pretty bad though.

      2. I take it were talking about places we regular rather than places we would regular if we have an infinite supply of money for eating out? Because I imagine that those two lists would be a little different (barring those super rich hounders we all love)

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        1. re: Wangus

          My dining budget is decidedly finite, so I've only listed places that I've been to and deem worthy of repeat business (ie haven't been to Charleston yet and probably wouldn't go back to most of the steak houses on my own dime.)
          I'm also of the opinion that the restaurants that shine in Baltimore are those with more moderate price tags (mid-20 entrees and lower). My opinion is informed by comparisons to other cities, which I'll admit isn't really fair, but I'd prefer great mid-price dining in Baltimore and save my pennies to splurge on fine dining in another city.

          1. re: becs

            In no particular order, these joints get my nod:
            peter's inn
            sushi hana
            dizzy issie's--for burgers
            regi's-for those damn delicious brie tater tots
            petit louis
            attman's deli
            nam kang
            chameleon cafe

        2. This is an awfully broad request, and I can't claim to have eaten nearly everywhere I'd like to. But I'll just imagine that this is top 10 places that I like to eat, not necessarily "the top 10 restaurants in Baltimore".

          These aren't necessarily in order:
          Mama's on the Half Shell
          The Chameleon Cafe
          La Cazuela
          Tortilleria Sinaloa
          The Helmand
          Petit Louis
          La Sirinita

          1. Petit Lous: slightly expensive but well worth the money.
            Woodberry Kitchen: excellent menu, excellently prepared, and great setting
            Taverna Lebanese
            Miss Shirley's for breakfasts
            Carlyle Club
            Atwater's for soups and breads