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Feb 25, 2008 10:38 AM

Sweet Risotto/Dessert Risotto?

The recent risotto thread reminded me that I had a question too.......

The short question is has anyone ever made or heard of a dessert risotto made with sweetened condensed milk (instead of chicken stock for the liquid)? And if so, could you share (or point me in the right direction)?

Funny story regarding why I'm asking. Went to dinner with my husband and friends at one of our favorite Italian restaurants and at the end, ordered a dessert risotto with cranberries and chocolate chips mixed into a sweet risotto base. Sounded great! Except that as we ate it (and we got a LOT because we were the last table and they were finishing it up), it just seemed a little strange. It wasn't particularly sweet. Then, we noticed it had small bits of onion in it. ?? It wasn't awful, just weird. We asked the server about it, who was also confused, and who called over the chef. He looked equally confused and then almost immediately horrified as he realized what had happened...

Apparently, they always offer a dinner risotto and make a base for that (standard chicken stock, etc) but that night, also had a dessert risotto with a sweet base made from sweetened condensed milk among other things. The person who put our "dessert" together apparently grabbed the base out of the DINNER risotto pan and then added the dessert ingredients such as the cranberries and chocolate chips!! It actually tasted pretty good and we weren't upset about it, but obviously it was a far cry from what he was trying to serve us (they comped our dessert that night and gave us "coupons" good for free desserts in the future). BUT, we REALLY wanted to try the one that we were supposed to get, but they already had everything put away for the night. Next time we came in, that chef was gone so we couldn't ask him about it.

I vowed to give it a try at home. We had talked to the chef about it that night so got some idea of how it was made. But after much research, I have yet to find a dessert risotto that uses sweetened condensed milk as part of the base, which is how he said he started it (thinned with a little regular milk). I'm not sure how it would be different from using all regular milk plus sugar or perhaps evaporated milk. And do you think it would end up being much different from regular stove top rice pudding??

I would love to know if anyone has made something similar to this and how to do it. Thanks!

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  1. I am a lover of all things rice. One of my favorite dishes is berry risotto. I had it at a restaurant in NYC and pretty muched figured out the recipe. Melt butter in a pan, add risotto, stir for 5 minutes or so. Add scraped bits from the inside of one vanilla bean (or use vanilla extract). Add hot water a little at a time (as you would for any risotto). Towards the end of the cooking time, add 1/2 cup sugar and some heavy cream (I use half-and-half). When just about ready to serve, stir in 1/4-1/2 cup raspberries. YUM. Serve with thin almond or butter cookies.

    1. I just read an article about Joe Bastianich in Food & Wine. He included a sweet risotto recipe that I am looking forward to trying: arborio rice pudding with poached figs.

      1. I made an eggnog risotto last year, which was pretty good. With a little more sugar, and none of the savory ingredients, it would be just like a rice pudding. Here is the recipe if you'd like to experiment:

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          Oooo, that sounds really good and so appropriate for the holidays! The restaurant that had the sweet risotto has since closed, so now I have to make it myself!! I have tried making a savory risotto and it turned out really well, so I am bolstered with confidence to try some more!

        2. I have an Italian cookbook (UK HH publisher) with 2 sweet disottos. Both use a base of rice cooked in 'creamy milk' (till rice is very soft). One adds chocolate, butter and sugar, and a finish of cinnamon and double cream. The other cooks apple with the rice, finishing with sugar, cinnamon and cream, and topped with poached pears.

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            does it elaborate on what "creamy milk" is?? I googled it and it all I found was some sort of packaged sweetened milk powder. ??

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              My guess is just the fullest fat milk you have, or to put it another way, the creamier the milk the better. Since sugar is added later, I don't think they mean sweetened condensed milk. The pictures suggest that the desired texture is like soft cooked rice, with identifiable grains, as opposed to a creamy rice pudding. I think proportions were 1c arborio type rice, 2 1/2 milk, which is actually a bit on the dry side for rissotos.

              Obviously you could make a wetter rice dish. And South American rice puddings might call for evaporated or sweetened condensed milk. But that is partly because canned milk was often more available than fresh pasteurized milk or cream.

          2. I've recently been on a rice pudding kick, which I make in the laziest of all possible ways, and I bet it could be adapted quite well to something more risotto-like. I'd cook it in milk and then add condensed milk at the end, rather than starting it in condensed milk. For rice pudding, I cooking it in the microwave, starting with leftover cooked rice and quite a bit of milk (maybe 2 times as much milk as rice), in a big bowl, cooking on medium heat and stirring every couple minutes until it boils and gets thick. This probably takes 6-10 minutes for around a half cup of rice, so could take a while for more. Once the rice is breaking down and the mixture is getting thick, I take it out and mix in an egg yolk that I've stirred with sugar and a little cream.
            If you start with arborio, and use condensed milk at the end, maybe this would be close to what you're looking for?

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              The dessert risotto with cranberies and chocolate is a Jamie Oliver recipe. The recipe is made with milk, white wine (probably a sweet one like Moscato) vanilla, white chocolate and cranberries. He serves poached fruit over it and pushes chunks of dark chocolate into the risotto to melt prior to seving.

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                cocoanut milk works really well too instead of condensed milk. I thin it 1:1 with water or milk.