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Feb 25, 2008 10:36 AM

Greenville, SC Rec's

Flying in and out of Greenville on the way to Asheville
First night staying at Embassy Suites on Verdae
and last night staying at Pheonix Inn on N. Pleasantburg DR
Looking for Dining suggestions near both hotels
Not too pricey. Like Seafood/ Southern, Amerciacn Fare

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. When you are staying at Pheonix Inn, you will be very close to 33 Liberty, which would be one of my recs no matter where you were staying. Southern comfort food.

      There is nothing I can think of very near Embassy Suites, but you are just a few miles from downtown, so if you have a car I would recommend Wine Cafe, Devereaux's, or American Grocery (the last I have not been to yet myself, but the reviews have been good) HOWEVER, all of those have entrees in the $20-$30 range, so if that = too pricey, then I would suggest Chicora Alley(latin), Lemnongrass (Thai), Island Blend (Jamaican) , all downtown. I agree that you should wander around the Reedy Falls Park area.

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      1. re: danna

        Thanks Danna. It would seem to me that the Pheonix Inn is close to downtown
        And embassy suite is close to Haywood/ Woodruff area - Any Rec's in that area
        Also what are prices like at Liberty 33

          1. re: mustardgirl

            Pheonix Inn IS relatively close to downtown. Do you have a car? Because otherwise I would not concern myself with the difference between your two hotels and downtown. It's a 6 min drive from Embassy Suites and a 3 minute drive from Pheonix Inn.

            Yes, see the link below, 33 is not cheap, but it mostly depends on how many courses you eat.

            The Haywood/Woodruff area is your mall/chain store/gridlock hell. The only thing I can recommend in that area is Doc Chey, a pan-asian , rather Americanized regional chain next door to Whole Foods, and Whole Foods itself, which makes a nice pizza and has a little bar at which to eat a slice and have a glass of wine. Doc Chey is not brilliant by any means, just good to fair sustenance.

        1. Ok - I know you aren't looking for pricey, but this restaurant might be worth changing your mind. Restaurant O in downtown Greenville is one of my very favorite restaurants. I still begin to drool when I think about the meal we had there. We had Kobe Beef, Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes (the real kind - I'm a Maryland native), Sweet Potato Gnocchi and a Chocolate Bombe dessert. The dessert was probably the most memorable. It started with a thin dark chocolate shell that was filled with a smooth mousse-like filling crafted of the perfect blend of dark and milk chocolates. The chocolate was topped with a sour cherry compote—which rounded out the decadent flavor with a tart, subtle sweetness. Soo sinfully good… Anytime we travel down south we make sure we take the route that passes through Greenville so we can eat at Restaurant O. Their menu is seasonal, but they do offer it online with prices so you can take a look to see if you feel like it's worth the splurge.

          1. My original post was removed (i don't know why). But I for got about 33Liberty. It is a great place.
            I think Deveroux's and 33 Liberty are your best best for really good food.

            1. I have noticed other choices like
              Cafe Trio
              Oysters on the west end
              Bonefish Grill
              Blue Ridge Brewery
              Sothern Fried Green Tomatoes
              How about the Cafe Verde at the Embassy Suites
              Rene's Fish Market
              Any comments at the Above

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              1. re: mustardgirl

                Trio - terrible
                Sassafras - never been, does not look promising
                Oysters on the west end - Decent food, fabulous place for a drink in warm weather or to sit and watch the bike races.
                Bonefish Grill - I think that's a chain
                Blue Ridge Brewery - bad bar food

                sorry. give me a little more detail as to what you're after and I'll try to think of some more suggestions.

                1. re: danna

                  Thanks for your quick response and suggestions
                  Like seafood, italian, southern / comfort foods
                  American . How about a great hambuger

                  1. re: mustardgirl

                    seafood - no place I can think of specializes in seafood.

                    Italian - none decent in Greenville at all

                    Southern - go with 33 Liberty

                    Burger - SC law prohibits burgers cooked less than medium unless the restaurant grinds it fresh themselves. The only two decent burgers I know of in town are Blockhouse on August rd. which also had good oysters sometimes. Otherwise, it is a bar atmosphere and otherwise pretty bad food. And Bohemian on N. Main street. also makes a decent rare burger.

                    Greenville is not a great food town. enjoy Asheville ;-)

                    1. re: danna

                      What Danna means is, in her opinion, Greenville is not a great food town. There are many residents and visitors alike who find Greenville a very likeable place with something for everyone.

                      1. re: ap65065

                        Ah, come on, ap, surely you've noticed that Greenville is sorely lacking in good restaurants. Yes - there are some good ones, and yes, a person is not going to starve. But most places are mediocre if they aren't just awful, whether chain or independent.

                        I may be spoiled because I do a lot of my eating across the border..but it really points out how lacking Greenville is. Asheville has a dozen good restaurants for every one in G'ville.

                        There is not one place in this town I would be eager to get a dessert, Asheville is full of them. There is not one good bread bakery nearby. Asheville has gobs. And Asheville is a much smaller town. Greenville at this moment in time has too many citizens who are happy with eating at chain restaurants in order to support much quality food. And the few good restaurants we have tend to be "fine dining." Give me a Salsa or a West First...some place that knows there's no shame in making good food in a casual atmosphere.

                        The only thing that really gives me hope for Greenville as a "food town" is the fact that Whole Foods appears to be thriving.

                        BTW, today is my birthday and I'm being surprised for dinner tonight. Wish me luck that I have something good to say about G'ville dining tomorrow!

                        1. re: danna

                          Hey Danna,
                          Since you do know about Ashville restaurants and the only one I have like for dinner was Limone, could you suggest a place for dinner in Asheville? My mom is coming to town so we were going to do the Biltmore then go to dinner.
                          BTW-Happy BD. Glad you liked American Grocery. Although $140? I didn't pay the bill but didn't think it was quite that high??

                          1. re: SusanInSeneca

                            Thanks for asking Susan, and thanks for the birthday greeting.

                            If I were taking my Mom out in Asheville, i would probably go to Fig or maybe Vigne. If my Mom were a little more adventurous in her palate i'd take her to Zambra or maybe Chorizo. Since you liked Limones, I think you would like Chorizo's take on Latin flavors...i actually like it better and if the weather is good, you can eat outside. Get the house margarita! I did a review of Vigne a couple of days ago you may be able to look down the page and find.

                            Yeah, $140 at AG...that included the tip, though. I think the bill was like $112. 2 apps, 2 entrees, 2 wines.

                            Some friends of mine went and had the chef's tasting and wine pairings and dropped $300 plus. ouch.

                            1. re: danna

                              When I went to AG it was $247 with tip and it was good. AT $247 I would have prefered it to be fantastic. I will try it again though.

                        2. re: ap65065

                          I TOTALLY disagree..Greenville has some GREAT restaurants!! Maybe not at the mid range but the high end are as good as in Atlanta. And I've been to Asheville and not found that many great ones. American Grocery is AWESOME!! Soby's is good for Southern. My husband and I also like the Blue Fire Grill. High Cotton is also very good "southern".

                          1. re: SusanInSeneca

                            I went to American Grocery last night (for the first time) and thought it was very nice. $140 for 2 including tip, 2 apps, 2 entrees, 2 wines. I would go back.

                            Soby's however, I find to be totally mediocre and Blue Fire Grill is downright horrendous. Have you been there lately? I heard it used to have good sushi when it first opened, but when we went 3-4 months ago, the cooked food was miserable and the sushi was leave-it-on-the-plate quality. I think High Cotton is beautiful space, but the food is extra-greasy and uninspired. Maybe my expecatations were too High (pun)...if I had gotten the plain, greasy brunch food at a hole in the wall diner, I would have said it's not bad...but in that space I just expected more.

                            1. re: SusanInSeneca

                              I agree that Greenville isn't exactly a Mecca of great dining, but I REALLY disagree that Asheville is that much better. I love both towns, but neither is overflowing with dining destinations that are all that memorable. And neither is a big enough town to be known as a "food town".

                    2. re: mustardgirl

                      Cafe Trio-----Good but loud. If you go they have a salmon, brie and apple pizza that is awsome.
                      Sassafras --------- Good southern food
                      Oysters on the west end---- I eat at oysters by the walking bridge. They have a REAL CHEF. Everything is good EXEPT the Beaufort/Frogmore stew. I am from Beaufort so I am biased
                      Bonefish Grill-----Chain Place. Nightmare to get to. Stay away from Woodruff Rd if possible. (very bad traffic)
                      Blue Ridge Brewery-----Good beer and bar food.
                      Sothern Fried Green Tomatoes---Never heard of this place. But Oysters does them well
                      How about the Cafe Verde at the Embassy Suites----SKIP it. Does do a standard breakfast
                      Rene's Fish Market--- NO. NO , NO I thought they were closed. NO

                      You missed Taco Casa--- Good tacos and CHEAP. I fed my family of five there once for $14.00. Great hot sauce!
                      Also a Vietnamise (spelling) place across the street from the CASA is good.

                      I did not include these places because when I travel I want GREAT food. I do eat at all these places (with few exceptions) above at least once a month. That is why I need to loose 65lbs.

                      1. re: JB BANNISTER

                        Thanks JB , it seems you and Danna do not agree on much
                        Both agree on Oysters on the west end

                      2. re: mustardgirl

                        Cafe Trio - affordable and crowd pleasing. the pizzas are decent

                        Sassafras - southern food, i've only ever done apps, but all very good.

                        Oysters on the west end - ambiance is fun at oysters, oysters not so good. i adore the place, but hate the food. burgers are pretty consistent though.

                        Bonefish Grill - Chain, but, bad traffic aside, reliable.

                        Blue Ridge Brewery - mediocre beer, mediocre bar food.

                        Sothern Fried Green Tomatoes - a classic "meat and three". very affordable. menu changes daily and is very specialized. charming service.

                        How about the Cafe Verde at the Embassy Suites - I think I just read they are doing a champagne brunch now - I'd pass, but I have nothing to base that on.

                        Rene's Fish Market - I've never known anyone to eat there.

                        Also on Haywood:

                        City Range - steakhouse, which is decent. you can also go low end or high end with what you order.

                        I agree with Lemongrass, downtown - very good Thai food.

                        1. re: ap65065

                          Thanks ap65065
                          Fried Green sounds good how does it compare to Stax Omega?

                          1. re: mustardgirl

                            Where is this Fried Green Tomatos place at? I have not heard of it.

                            1. re: JB BANNISTER

                              I found it SFGT. I went had a fried green tomato BLT, broc casarole, tater salad. Also tried Mac& cheese, turkey & dressing it was OK. Service was good but the need more seating bad.