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Feb 4, 2002 07:11 PM

Lost in Koreatown

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I recently moved to the Wilshire/Vermont area and am looking for good eating. I know about Soot Bull Jeep, El Cholo and Atlas. I've searched through this board for "Koreatown," so I have a couple of places to try (thanks).

What I'm looking are good restaurants (not exclusively Korean food restaurants) that are close (or will deliver to my apartment!). Pizza? Chinese? Indian? Japanese?

I'm happy to review new places, so if you've seen a place but have never been in, suggest away.

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  1. Guelaguetza on Olympic (I believe it's west of Hoover) serves real Oaxacan food - great mole, and for the more adventurous, fried crickets (this may no longer be on the menu).

    I hear good things about Hodori, also on Olympic.

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    1. re: PRSMDave

      There's also a Guelaguetza on 8th St.

      Also look for posts about Cassel's (burgers), Pollo alla Brasa (awesome chicken), HMS Bounty (cool old bar), Yongsusan (haute Korean), Taylor's (steaks and martinis), BCD Tofu house (bi bim bap), and the tofu place that was the subject of a recent thread whose name I can't remember...

      btw, recently had great dumpling 'n handmade noodle soup at a small Korean restaurant in a minimall at Vermont and 8th -- next door to one of the BCD locations. Cute place. Can't remember the name. Anyone know it? Is this the Korean noodle place I've seen recommended on this board...?

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        Hodori is more of the "post 2am and I'm drunk" type place

        1. re: Lau

          Things may have changed a little in the six years since Dave posted that.

          1. re: Servorg

            no, that's still pretty accurate at night. during the day, it's still a cheap, relatively decent choice.

      2. I used to like El Colmao, a Cuban place (other cuban nearby, which I haven't tried, China cuba on Pico and El Farolito, not sure about farolito actually). El Taurino is on Hoover and 11th, good tacos and atole. Langer's deli isn't very far, Alvarado and 7th, good for Lunch, great pastrami.
        There's a Clay Pit Indian restaurant in the Chapman Marketplace on 6th st. Elegant(sort of). And there's Atlas in the Pellesier building/Wiltern theater building. Haven't eaten there in YEARS but a nice bar. They used to have music.

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        1. re: Jerome
          michael (mea culpa)

          There's a Clay Pit Indian restaurant in the Chapman Marketplace on 6th st. Elegant(sort of).>>
          I ate there numerous times. Unfortunately, I think this and the downtown location both closed and moved to Brentwood!

        2. noshi sushi at beverly & western (on beverly, east of western) is a favorite of many people. it's not my personal favorite -- i think the fish is only ok and the atmosphere is too hectic (feels like a big coffee shop), but it is usually crowded and some people love it. prices are relatively low.

          it happens to be across the street from beverly hot springs, which is one of my favorite things in koreatown, but has nothing to do with food.

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          1. re: fat kitty

            Try El Danzante . Good morning grub (Oaxacan stylie)Great lunch/dinner,bring your own booze.I rec. the memelas with cecina,the napolito/a salad(amazing!!the best I've had here and the Enmolijadas/red is good but the black is the best I've had since living at the Hotel Yalalag.Also great chilacayota as well as other aguas(melon,mango,etc.}Be nice there are only 7 tables,and the service is slow but worth the wait.J

            1. re: Jed

              El Danzante 3071 W. Pico 1/2 block east of Western.

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            michael (mea culpa)

            In addition to the other suggestions, you can look into El Cholo on Western for the green corn tamales and strong margaritas, Papa Cristos/C & K Importing for Greek & Middle Eastern specialties (on Pico, near Normandie) and for a good bar with food, HMS Bounty on Wilshire, across from the old Ambassador Hotel (note that in a bizarre mall around the corner from the Bounty is the decapitated, repainted top of the old Brown Derby that once stood on the corner). Vim's on Vermont, south of Wilshire is a cheap Thai spot that's had its ups and downs but generally has a good seafood soup.

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