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Feb 25, 2008 10:29 AM

Mid-week, vegetarian-friendly dinner near Sofitel, White House?

I understand there is a decent restaurant (Ici?) in the Sofitel, where we are staying, but how is it for vegetarians? We will be a party with non-veggies and a vegetarian. We want very good food that won't take particularly long (an hour is fine, but no tasting menus or anything like that - this is for a post-meeting non-business dinner). I'm blanking on what is nearby and would appreciate any help. I am considering walking to Vidalia, but pretty sure I will be too tired. We would rather not have to take a cab with our bags and such, so walking distance is really preferred. Thanks for your expertise!

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  1. We tried Ici this past weekend and it was decent. Wonderful frites with mayo combos (we enjoyed the parmesan potato skins with basil aioli, parsley frites with garlic aioli, and sweet potato fries with blue cheese). There were definitely some veggie and non-veggie options (someone loved the goat cheese quiche--great as long as the person isn't a Vegan). Another option is DC Coast, just a couple of blocks away for great fresh seafood, and I'm sure they have at least one vegetarian entree.

    D C Coast Restaurant
    1401 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005

    1. The Oval Room is nearby. It's a wonderful restaurant with a gorgeous menu.

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        The Bombay Club on Connecticut off of H Street. Super nearby and perfect for a wide selection for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

      2. Butterfield 9 isn't to far away and they usually have some very nice vegeterian options (I especially like their butternut squash soup---or any soup for that matter). They have a vegeterian tasting menu which is quite good as well.

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          Wow, you must really love this place because you're alway suggesting it. I think it's very overrated.

          Olive123--You can check out Olives on 16th and K, 14K, Palette, Posh

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            It's in the area, has more then 1 vegetarian options and seems to fit what the poster is looking for.

            I like the restaurant quite a bit and find it very consistent and fresh. Plus it's centrally located so it fits a lot of people's needs.

            I'm from Boston originally so I can never get myself to recommend any other outpost of Olives, having such incredible experiences with the original in Todd English's heyday I find the others don't hold up. But I hear the one in DC is good enough.

        2. You may want to also check out Olives and DC Coast. Both are about a 5-10 min. cab ride from the Sofitel. As someone else pointed out, Bombay and Oval room are close by and are very good too.

          1. Thanks so much for all of the responses! I will pass them along (I am providing options - or really you - and the final decision is out of my hands). I'm hungry already from looking at the menus.