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Feb 25, 2008 10:20 AM

Saturday Lunch - Red Bank

I never realized how hard it was to find a lunch place on Saturday! In Red Bank, I was dying to try Thyme Square and Dish, but they were closed for lunch.

I would have tried Ashes but they don't offer non-smoking dining!

We were going to try Sogno but the second we walked in, there was this bad vibe, really empty, dead, and with a dining room straight out of Sopranos. Maybe a nice dinner place but not casual enough for lunch.

I then proceded to River's Edge Cafe. The lunch menu had no appetizers. We didn't realize it was BYO and just had to leave when the owner tried to sell us wine "under the table". Very sketchy and not very professional.

Vetoed the Broadway Grill due to past experience .

We ended up at the Bistro in Red Bank and even though the whole american cafe/asian eatery/pizza theme is very confusing, the food was very good!

We got the pizza for an appetizer and it was't bad. I got the peking duck quesadilla and was impressed by the quality and amount of "peking" duck. The only confusing thing was their wine list was only 10 wines deep and all under $28. It seemed they could have had just a few $40 higher end bottles. If you paid for the license, why not actually make good money on it?

The lunch entrees were all around $10-12 and it's my new favorite lunch place in Red Bank. Anyone have any other "Saturday lunch spots" in that price range?

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  1. I had a simple sliced Hangar steak at Bistro once...I think that was the cut...and it was EXCELLENT. blew me away. Maybe it was the mood i was in or something. I wish it was BYOB as the wine at bistro REALLY stinks.

    Had a good french dip and some wings at the Irish name place (I forget the name).

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      Hey McMurphy. The "Irish" place - I'll take a guess that you mean Murphy Style Grille on Broad, a couple doors down from the Bistro. I personally love it. It certainly isn't fine dining, but for the price, and the fact they offer SANGRIA, you can't go wrong! Food isn't horrible. Service can be sketchy. But, again, see price comment. ;)

    2. I enjoy the large salads at the Bistro but haven't enjoyed my last two visits trying specials or dinner entrees from the regular menu. My son loves their brick oven pizzas.

      Have you tried Eurasian Eatery on Monmouth Street near the Count Basie Theatre? Under new ownership but same interesting menu. I adore the curried lasagna and countless fruit teas. They still offer a good value and its BYOB. They are closed Monday.

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        ditto on the Eurasian Eatery. I've been there only twice recently. I look forward to going back. Go there with an open mind. The menu is unusual. It is a unique and sincere place.