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Feb 25, 2008 10:11 AM

Southwestern Fare in Santa Fe

I have been searching the boards and found some great fine dining restaurants in Santa Fe for an upcoming trip, but we are really curious about the more casual, authentic cuisine available. We'll be there for four nights and would really like to explore. Any input is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Search the boards again. I think this subject has been hashed out so many times, no one wants to post again. Try Bobcat Bites.

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      Thanks, I think you're right. But I did get some good info from a friend of mine who lived there - All the places you have are excellent. El Farol is a little swank but good. Tia's is great. They are especially good for breakfast. The Shed is one of my alltime favorites. Pasquale's is great and horseman's is even better. The one place that wasn't on your list that is a must is Tomasita's. There is also a little taco stand in Espanola right by El Parasol that has the best green chile chicken tacos in all of NM.

    2. If you are looking for good, inexpensive, informal New Mexican restaurants, you need to trawl Cerillos Road. Several good, inexpensive restaurants on Cerillos include Tortilla Flats for NM grub and Los Potrillos for NM/Mexican. Horseman's Haven on Cerillos near the Interstate is a sleeper for those who REALLY like their chile hot. For breakfasts try The Pantry or Tecolote, also on Cerillos.