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Feb 25, 2008 10:02 AM

Las Vegas: Lunch places downtown?

Our office is relocating down town. Any suggestions for lunch spots? We will be next to the state court house.

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  1. The triple george is excellent. There are some okay restaurants at the Golden Nugget...the Italian restaurant has a decent antipasto bar at lunch....

    1. Tinoco's Bistro
      Lucas Cafe & Deli
      Chicago Joes (Closed on Mondays and sometimes crowded)
      Casa Don Juan
      Hennesey's (Two for One Tuesdays)
      Potato Valley
      The Grotto and The Cafe @ the Golden Nugget
      The Courtyard Grill @ Fitzgeralds (I hear it's good anyway)

      Just to name a few...

      1. Aloha Specialties, upstairs at the California, is an out of the way sleeper. Since the California and the attached Main Street Station market heavily to people from Hawaii, the quality is kept at a decent level. And you can grab a scoop of Lappert's Macadamia nut ice cream for a nice walk back to the office.