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Feb 25, 2008 09:42 AM

Any Good Non-Chain Non-Pricey Restaurants Up North?

I'm trying to find a place that is a good weednight date spot. Something nice but not expensive and definitely not a chain. Someplace near the Braker and 183 area would be preferrable. I know of Reeds but I'd like to find something a little more casual.


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  1. Do you guys like Indian? Bombay Bistro has great food at a reasonable price, and I think would be nice enough for a date.

    1. Reeds closed.

      Across the street is NXNW. There's also Manuel's on Jollyville. And I'll second Bombay Bistro.

      I live near 183 and Braker, and it's chain restaurant hell, unfortunately.

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      1. Z Tejas is in the Arboretum. Iron Cactus is next door to NXNW. There is a Kerbey Lane and a Chuy's on 183.

        1. Come a little bit toward town and you could hit Mikado Ryotei.

          The Domain restaurants appear to deliver on atmosphere, but maybe not price. But if you're willing to try something a little more casual, Oakville Grocery might be nice.

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            The Domain restaurants during happy hour is good food with great bang for the buck.