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Feb 25, 2008 09:31 AM

New Wusthof Classic Handles :(

I just went to JB Prince in NYC and discovered that the handles for the Wusthof Classic line are very poorly designed compared to the old handles(the edges are way to sharp). WTF! Why would they change the bevel, it was perfect(cries). Anyhow does anyone know were i can get Wusthof Classic knives with the old handles with the rounder bevel on the handle? Or in a related issue. I am left handed. Anyone know were i can find a Left handed Misono Chefs knife?

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  1. If you search on "knives forums", you can contect jjsome dedicated experts on knives.

    1. Korin in NYC. The left handed are a few dollars more. I bought a right handed Misono and had the master knife sharpener change it to a left handed bevel. Took him 15 minutes.

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        How can he do that? I thought the blade road started halfway down the blade!

        1. re: Soop

          Misono's are right or left handed because they have a dominant edge. The dominant edge is ground at 10 degrees and the weaker edge is ground at 15 degrees. On a right handed misono the dominant edge is on one side and on a left handed it is on the other. He simply put it on a rotating stone to switch the edge to the other side then sharpened it as usual. Not everyone can do this, the guy at Korin, Chiharu Sugai is considered to be a master. It was really very impressive to watch. I assure you that it is now a left handed knife.