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Feb 25, 2008 09:26 AM

Looking for quiet bar/restaurant in DC for Happy Hour

I'm organizing an annual alumni Happy Hour on either a Friday or Saturday in mid-March. I expect 20-30 people to attend (mostly DC area professionals, ages 20-60). My criteria for a venue (ideally a bar that also serves decent, but not overpriced food):

1) Centrally located in DC;
2) Within walking distance of a metro;
3) Quiet enough for conversation;
4) Reasonably priced.

There's no budget to rent a room for this event, but at the right venue, I imagine people would be happy to settle in, order drinks and have dinner.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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  1. Sorry but I would think this is going to be very difficult. DC is a happy hour heavy place so Friday would be swamped at most places and then on Saturday you would have to compete with March Madness and or St. Patricks day drinkers. I would try to stick to anyplace without lots of TVs, perhaps a hotel bar. Maybe head to Chinatown and go to Gordan Bierch. Yes a chain but you could probably stake out a good area - or if you wanted more upscale you could try and take over the bar area at Poste.

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    1. re: anunez

      I think you're right, anunez. Not to mention that most bars do not extend happy hour specials, even to large groups, on Saturdays (unless it is a bar-wide special).

      If you're willing to fight March Madness crowds, Clyde's in Chinatown might be an option. Huge facility and options for food.

      Other options include wine bars. They won't be as crowded as pubs. Maybe Vinoteca on U Street? Small menu, but great deals on wine. Plus, it's near Solly's a hit or miss as far as a quiet bar venue, and Alero which, although it's a chain, it's appealing to the masses and able to accomodate large groups for dinner.

      1. re: dckw

        Clyde's in Chinatown is THE place to go on Friday/Saturday night. If you want to go deaf, that is. They'd be able to handle the group, but I doubt if it's worth the hassle.

        Right around the corner is Sushi Go Round. Food's pretty decent and they may be able to handle a group that size in back.

    2. PS 7. just enough off the beaten Penn Quarter track to not get really crowded - not sure about dinner though (no firsthand knowledge there, heard differing opinions).

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      1. re: hill food

        I thought I responded to this post but it seems to have disappered. PS7 was my choice as well.

        1. re: Elyssa

          same here, I thought I was losing it, (not entirely impossible) - there seems to be double posts...

        2. re: hill food

          Food is good but strange. Kind of unusual ingredients put together.
          Veritas would be an idea but it doens't serve dinner at all; they serve wine, cheese & charcuterie only. And quiet it's so small that when more than about 10 people get it there it's REALLY loud. But it's really one of our fave happy hour spots, with just 2 of us and we sit at the bar. We go eat dinner elsewhere after.
          Sonoma on the Hill is good but it does get a big crowded on fridays. But it's larger than some other spots so maybe it would work; they do have big tables you can sit at for happy hour if you are going to order food too.