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Feb 25, 2008 09:03 AM

Appiz or the Orchard

The menus at both look interesting. Are there any factors that make one better than the other , ie location, ambience, etc?

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  1. I don't know much about the Orchard, but Apizz is really intimate and cozy (good for snowy/rainy/cold nights). Here's a recent discussion that mentions it:

    1. The meatballs and lasagna at appiz are great.

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        I ate at both multiple times this year. Apizz is very cozy, warm and romantic with excellent food. The Orchard has a nice atmosphere, a little less romantic and the food tends to be more continental American than Italian. If you are going out with a significant other, Apizz is the way to go, unless this is a break up dinner. If going out with friends I would go with Orchard.

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          Definitely not a breakup dinner! We are a group of 5 women in our late 40's coming for our annual " get away from reality " weekend! As we will also be doing Italian it sounds like Orchard would be a good choice.

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            Based on your description, I would go with Orchard. The Lobster Empanadas were excellent. As were the Filet Mignon wraps.

      2. are either ( or both) of these places somewhere you could go get a glass of wine and an appetizer at the bar?

        1. I like the food and space at Apizz slightly more--it's a great, intimate space, and I love Italian food. But, you can't go wrong w/either--they're very different. Food at The Orchard is more American and the room is bigger. Apizz has more of a romantic feel. Given your group size, I'd probably go with The Orchard, but I think you'll be pleased either way.

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          1. re: Lucia

            Thanks for all the help. I'm actually lucky enough to be visiting your wonderful city twice in April. Would Apizz be appropriate for a dinner with my mother ( she's 77 ). We're meeting up with my two cousins from London so I'm also looking for good restaurants for that.

            1. re: trishottawa

              I would say yes, with the caveats that the tables are pretty closely packed together and noise level can get somewhat high at times.

          2. I much prefer appiz for several reasons...the bread with the fresh ricotta and tomato sauce is delic and there is not a huge need to really order pizza after that, though the pizza is absolutely delic. The room is quite simple but really very pretty, and they've recently updated it. The whole roasted branzino and the meatballs have always been a bif hit with this crowd! I love the idea that everything comes out of the oven and it's very cozy. The Orchard is good, but I found it a little sterile and it also felt like it could have been in any city. The tables are further apart, maybe better for a serious dinner and it feels a little more serious, but not as special as Appiz, which is one of my favs, have fun