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Feb 25, 2008 08:53 AM

New York Wine Expo

At the Javits Center in NYC next weekend. Has anyone been in the past? Is it worth the time/money/trip?

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  1. I'm actually going to this that Sunday, March 9th. The compnay that is putting it together is the same one that does the Boston wine show at the Seaport Hotel which is AWSOME! The one in NYC is the first time they are doing this and it coincides with the restaurant food show which is awsome for any foodie! The International show in July is bigger, but this one in March is easier to get through and see everything.

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    1. re: vino5150

      You are correct - I was getting ahead of myself! I've also heard good things about the one in Boston.

      Where exactly is the restaurant food show going to be held? That sounds fantastic!

      1. re: AndreaB

        The food show is being held at the Javits center also. Probably either upstairs or downstairs.

      2. re: vino5150

        Sunday is for the Trade only. If you don't have credentials, you will have a hard time getting in.