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Feb 25, 2008 08:44 AM

Shanghai Cafe OK for a SLOW Dinner

My son is returning to the Ukraine and we're giving him a going away dinner. His sister's choice is the above restaurant, but I've heard bad things about being rushed and we want to have a nice slow meal so we can chat. (She's picked some losers in the past so I'm gun shy.) There will be nine of us.
Any input?


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  1. Depends on what day you go. On a weekend you will be definitely rushed out but on a weekday things are much more relaxed, especially if you go relatively early.

    1. I have never felt rushed, but i usually inhale my food there and leave. i think the good rule of thumb for a place like this is the bigger the group, the longer it's gonna take. i don't know if you're gonna be able to get it to go past an hour and a half though.

      1. I've been there during the week and have been rushed out -- and I've been there at 6am! In fact, I know of no restaurant in Chinatown that "lets" have a nice slow meal. Also, it's noisy, so the chatting is difficult. Do you need to do Chinese?

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          No, I prefer the Vietnamese restaurant on Doyers, but our spoiled daughter (by her mom, not me!) has to have her way! She's in her 30s so too late to undo the damage, but that's another topic, right?

          Thanks to all for the input.

        2. I actually have never been rushed out at Shanghai Cafe. I think if you are a big group they will definitely give you more time. That said, like most restaurants in Chinatown, this is not a place to linger after dinner (after you finish your food) to have conversations. However, I don't feel they rush us out during dinner when we were eating (unlike Oriental Garden which literally sent out all the dishes and collected our bowls when we were half way in the dinner)