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Feb 25, 2008 08:40 AM

I want to dup. this dish...thai tenderloin, chili sauce, basil...

Had an amazing dish at a restaurant on friday and want to duplicate it, but with beef....

Wild Boar

Sauteed with boar tenderloin-100% game served with chilli peppers, Thai basil, shiitake mushrooms and bok choy


It was very spicy and had a simple chili sauce (although, not fish sauce). the tenderloin was cubed, and served over the basic sauce.

Any ideas on how to replicate? Do I make the sauce separate then just saute the beef with some spices maybe a shallot and garlic and serve it with the sauce?

do i do both together in a saute?

I know it's tough, as you've never seen or tasted the dish and the description is not so good.

here is the menu if it helps at all...

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  1. Have you looked up a recipe for gra pow/krapau?

    I would think that it is similar.

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    1. re: miss_bennet

      Nope, but i will right now!

      experimented just now....and came up with this...

      Got a cut of sirloin on sale at shoprite, cubed, lots of paprika, some of this "spicy" oil that i picked up, some soy and pepper....let it sit while I threw some Jasmine rice into my new pot.

      stir fried the beef up with some red and green peppers, chilis, shitake shrooms, garlic, and shallot, with more soy, and a little fish sauce and I threw some basil in at the end.

      The pot worked great for rice....first time I cooked rice where it was this great....perfect stickyness and taste.


      1. re: RPMcMurphy

        Keep in mind that a lot of these Thai basil chili dishes use palm sugar in them. If you don't add the palm sugar, the dish won't taste like one you got in a Thai restaurant. To be sure, if you use fresh Thai basil, the dish will be fabulous but I have found the mix sold in 8 oz jars in an asian market (the Thai basil and chili paste mix) to taste delicious. The way I use it is, I put a half cup of chicken stock in a very hot, oiled smoking wok with two tablespoons of the basil chili paste mix and two tablespoons of palm sugar, stir that up and throw whatever meat and vegetables I want in with it and cook for a minute at MOST. That gets me a fantastic Thai meal ready to be spooned over fresh steamed rice. Have fish sauce handy in case you want even more Thai flavor.

        here is a link to that jarred sauce -