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Feb 25, 2008 08:16 AM

Fun place for b-day drinks for 15-20 people??

I'll be celebrating my 30th this weekend, and I'm drawing a blank for a place for 15+ people to have drinks and hang out in the city. Need someplace with enough room, good drinks, fun times. I'd prefer to stay out of Old City chaos.

I've already done Buffalo Billiards, Tir Na Nog, Chickie's & Pete's, Vegas Lounge, Public House, Field House, and the bowling thing.

I'm thinking 707 Lounge or Yakitori Boy. Can those places accommodate us? Thanks!

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  1. Yakitori Boy can definitely accomodate (and if you are up for it you could get a karoke room for your group) But CALL and see if they have their liquor license. They did not when they opened and for some weeks thereafter and it was not evident from the web site.
    Does Copa Banana still have the upstairs room?
    Latest Dish might work
    Lots of NL spots too - rabidog's posts cover that area fairly completely.

    1. I was at Yakitori Boy on friday night with about 15 or so people and it WAS SO FUN. I'm not even much a karaoke person but we all had a blast. And we were drinking beers, so I'm guessing that means they have their license :-)