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Feb 25, 2008 07:42 AM

Sitka and Spruce - Corkage

I'm planning on eating here this week, and wondered if anyone knew the corkage policy. I would call, but I believe they are closed on Mondays.

A second question, as a back up plan, how is the wine list?

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  1. i've found their wine list a bit naive, especially considering the food. I can't imagine corkage would be much there though. I've found that if I'm bringing something spectacular or at least interesting and offer a taste to my server and the host I usually am not charged corkage anywhere.

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      Olive, how do you go about this? Just say hey I brought my own and would you like to pull up a glass?

      1. re: Finspot

        I've had the same experience as olive -

        First I call the afternoon of the reservation inquiring of the corkage policy, and noting that I'll be bringing something in.... Then when we arrive I make a point of introducing myself, and disclosing that I called in the afternoon, and have brought a bottle of "xyz"... as we are seated the matre'd usually will take the bottle or we will place it on the table....usually we will discuss if it needs decanting or chilling, etc.... at this point the sommiellier is usually appears, and we discuss the little treasure on the table , at this point I slip in that I'd be pleased to share a bit with the sommiellier/chef if they would like.... they evening progresses, and at some point an extra glass will appear, a half pour is made, much swirling, inhaling, tasting and discussing goes this time we are usually 3/4 of the way through the bottle, so at that point I ask what on the list might be a good thing to compare/contrast, and give a comfortable price point....a reccomendation is made, and usually we will order the bottle, drink half of it, and take the other half home.... when I have done this (10 or so times) I have never been charged corkage, If I dont buy a bottle of something on the list, but still call/disclose/offer 7 times out of 10 the corkage will be waived, and the other times, well I get charged what they told me earlier in the afternoon.....Most expensive corkage I've been charged - $ 35.......


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          Thanks, Tilt, sounds like you've got the whole deal dialed in.

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            Oh one last thing...make sure what you bring is something unusual, or means something to you... the idea is to have a treasure from your cellar that you would like to enjoy with the chefs food, not to avoid a mark up in wine.......

            Have a great time

    2. They have a small wine list that is interesting, very drinkable wines at decent prices, not at the typical price-gouging level. I suggest that you call the restaurant and let them know what you intend to do and also do not bring a wine that is on their wine list. That would be pretty tacky.

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        I was going to bring a 1994 Spatlese Riesling from the Rheingau, so I figure I'd be safe on the wine not being on their list. But, I've decided to just try out one of their wines.

      2. Just to let everyone know, I went last night and had a great meal. I decided against bringing my own. Their wine list is small, but it had a very good Loire red wine (Bourgueil, Trinch! Catherine & Pierre Breton 2006). It was a fairly good price (about 2x retail) and I love Cab Franc.