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Feb 25, 2008 07:21 AM

Any good restaurants in Washington, MO?

Will be spending a couple of days in Washington, MO. Can anyone recommend a good restaurant there? Haven't been in years. Thanks!

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  1. American Bounty, 430 Front Street. Can't find a website. And it ain't a restaurant, but you'll find some nifty sausage at Williams Brothers Meat/Washington Sausage Co.,
    607 West Fifth Street.

    1. American Bounty is great! Here is something with the menu but no prices.

      We had lunch at Choco L'art and we really enjoyed it. The salads came with home made crackers. Very good coffee and desserts.

      1. Hi marymac-

        There are a number of good restaurants in Washington, Missouri. It really depends on what you're after...

        For fine dining, there's Creamery Hill, American Bounty (previously mentioned) and, just a short drive away in Labadie is Hawthorne Inn.

        If you're looking for home-style cooking, there's Rothschild's Restaurant and Cowan's -- both great places to eat. (For Rothchild's, see this recent profile:


        Then there's a number of other local restaurants which may be of interest to you as well...Washington Smokehouse, Aldo's Pizza, Wimpy's, Marquart's Landing.

        I'd suggest taking a look at the restaurant guide below for a complete list of restaurants along with locations and contact info: Restaurant Guide:


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          Thanks so much! You've been very helpful.