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Feb 25, 2008 06:59 AM

romantic dinner

union square cafe or gramercy tavern, any other suggestions thank you

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  1. vice versa
    gotham bar & grille
    fleur de sel
    davidburke & donatella

    1. I don't think of USC as romantic...Gramercy maybe a little more so.

      To idia's list below, I'd add Aureole; many like Le Gigot on Cornelia St., although it's a bit too cramped for my taste (but I'm over 6' tall); River Cafe or Garden Cafe in Brooklyn.

      1. I second Aureole and Gotham Bar & Grille. One if By Land is also a romatic setting although gets mixed reviews on food from some on this board. I ate there too long ago to comment. Battery Park Gardens is beautiful looking out on the water and the Statue of Liberty if you don't mind being all the way downtown. Otherwise Water Grill or River Cafe are other choices.

        For other NYC and vicinity reviews:

        1. bf took me to allen and delancy for my birthday a few weeks ago and i really enjoyed it. Dark and cozy- great food.

          1. The River Cafe and One if by Land are both postcard perfect romantic spots. The River Cafe tends to be more consistent, and has served as a training ground for many well known NYC chefs.