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Monday night wine specials in DC?

was looking for some fun places with good food that might have Monday night wine specials (half off bottles, etc). doing a girls night out and budgets are rather tight. I know usually around this time of year many restaurants have specials early in the week to attract customers. Oh and by the way, one of the ladies is really into food so obviously no chains or mediocre restaurants! thanks

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  1. Dino in Cleveland Park sells all wines $50 and over at 33% off on Sundays and Mondays. I think that the Wednesday deal might be good for you which is 3 wines and 3 antipastos for $25 each.

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      Lavandou I believe offers free BYOW with no corkage fee on Monday nights. Charlie Palmer Steak offers free corkage on domestic wines (limit 2 bottles per table) every night they are open.

      And of course the already mentioned Dino deals.

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        We have extended the 33% off to Sunday thru Tuesday along with our restaurant Week special. We offer free corkage Tuesday & Thursday.

      2. I'm pretty sure that all bottles at Les Halles are half price on Mondays.

        1. If money is kind of tight, Cafe Deluxe in Tysons offers 1/2 price wine bottles on Monday as well. The food isn't pricey and it's pretty good.

          1. I believe Flordiana Mercury on 17th St in Dupont has some food and/or drink specials the first part of the week.

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              Is that restaurant any good? I walk by it everytime I go to the grocery store and I've never eaten there.

            2. Chef Geoff's downtown location has 1/2 off Bottles of wine on Monday nights. Although it is a chain, some of the Clyde's locations due as well on Monday nights-I think the locations that do are in the suburbs though.

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                dont know if you feel like schleppin to Bethesda, but Olazzo does 1/2 price bottles on Mondays

              2. Famoso, in Friendship Heights, has a wine deal. I believe wines are half off. And with some fairly reasonably priced pastas, that would be a great, trendy spot for girls' night.

                For a second drink after dinner, Clyde's has half off bottles in the bar.

                Also in the neighborhood, Lia's has Monday specials on food, wine and beer in the bar area.

                1. A couple of places offer half-priced or discounted bottles of wine early in the week including Tonic in Mount Pleasant, Vegetate in Shaw, and Left Bank in Adams Morgan.

                  1. Since the original Lebanese Taverna (on Washington Blvd in Arlington) offers bottles of wine at half price on Monday, I assume every branch in this local mini-chain does too.