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Feb 25, 2008 06:33 AM

The Best Local .... in Amsterdam

For a trip to Amsterdam in April, select the best local (neighborhood):

cafe or bar
Indonesian eatery
North African eatery
French restaurant
Dutch (regional) restaurant
farmers' market
food delicacy store

thanks for all the input

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  1. Go to central station and get on a train to Paris, or at least Antwerp.

    Seriously, the organic farmer's market in Noordmarkt Sat. mornings is OK, for the rest you are SOL.

    1. OR ... you could check the numerous Amsterdam threads that have quite a few suggestions for at least some of the things you're looking for. No need to go to Paris, really, at least not for Dutch or Indonesian food.

      1. my suggestion is to google "like- a- local" has home hosted dinners and other locally based tourism stuff that are very reasonable and very fun...we met a lot of cool people, ate some good eats and had a great time at saskia's, a like a local spot.

        1. I can recommend the following brown cafe:

          It's between Singel & Spuistraat down a short alley - just make sure to get there early.