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Feb 25, 2008 06:02 AM

Rasika vs. Brasserie Beck for Birthday Dinner

I am taking a friend of mine out for her birthday dinner this coming weekend. I am trying to decide between Rasika and Brasserie Beck unless someone else has a great suggestion. She isn't into really fancy things and is very particular about what she will eat in the sense that she will not eat anything that is not made with chicken, turkey, or vegetarian. Everytime I try to take her somewhere I'm surprised at how hard it is to find chicken and vegetarian dishes at nice restaurants. She also really likes beer which is why I was considering Brasseire Beck even though they only have one or two chicken dishes. I would love to hear everyone's suggestions. Thank you!

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  1. Hmmm...that's tough! On one hand, she likes beer and Beck has a great boisterous, birthday celebration feel. But, seeing as how she only likes chicken, turkey, and vegetarian dishes she might not be wowed by the menu at Beck since they're "specialties" tend to involve more exotic things than chicken and turkey. Would she consider duck? Beck has a great duck dish.

    Rasika has more of a hip feel, that could definitely work well for a birthday celebration, if she's into that scene. Rasika has lots of vegetarian options! You say she is a picky eater, does she even like Indian food? If she does, then I think Rasika is probably a better choice for food. Lots of vegetarian options, and some great chicken dishes as well.

    1. I would pick Rasika over Beck's, at least for the food and the atmosphere. I was taken to Beck's on my birthday this year (it was all the rage at the time) and was frankly disappointed with the food ....good appetizers but not impressed with the entrees. They may have worked out the kinks by now, but I've always enjoyed Rasika.

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        Thank you. She is a picky eater but she does like Indian food. I think I am leaning towards Rasika.

      2. Took BF's really picky sister to Brass Beck for her birthday and she loved it. I think she had chicken. Brasserie Beck has incredible beer, some even I a non-beer drinker liked. But it suits even really picky eaters even though there are some adventurous choices for us foodies.

        1. I ate at BB Friday evening. The service was lovely. We split a spinach salad to start (really a delicious salad with bacon and all the goodies). I had the curry apple mussels. I don't know if Beck is the BEST choice for someone who won't eat some seafood - the mussels are really great and Beck has some nice fish choices. I also love Rasika, and have never had less than a stellar experience there. But I don't think Rasika's beer choices would wow a true beer lover. Maybe you could start with a beer at Beck, and then head to Rasika for dinner. Or, you could eat at Rasika and have a beer before/after at RFD on 7th. I'd never recommend RFD for food, but they do have a great beer selection. It's VERY casual, though.

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              Not yet but there are plenty open. There are actually more open for them then there are for Rasika. That's why I'm trying to make the decision so I can book.

          1. Rasika might be the better option in terms of food, but have you considered other locales as well?

            I'm particularly thinking of Marvin's, which isn't quite the same scene as the other two, but it has a nice, if more limited than Beck's, selection of belgian beers, and the food tends more towards comfort rather than fancy, though perhaps the chicken dish (fried chicken with waffles) may be too far out on a limb for her. They also have a decent sweet potato ravioli on the menu, an excellent french onion soup (the soup and one of their salads would be quite filling).

            We've been a handful of times since it opened, which is surprising for us as we don't usually repeat places with such frequency unless it's one of our neighborhood or errand-run places.

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              I'm a big fan of all three restaurants mentioned, but for a birthday dinner, especially given your friend's food requirements, Rasika is probably the best option. The menu at Marvin is a little bit limited (and IMHO, the best dishes are the rib apps, onion soup, and shrimp and grits). Maybe you could go there for a post-dinner drink? And while I also love Beck's, again, the menu focuses a lot on mussels and non-chicken/vegetarian dishes.