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Feb 25, 2008 05:50 AM

Looking for a few Vegas recommonendations ...

Hello, I'm going to be in Vegas next week with my boyfriend (we're 27) and my 24 year old sister and her best friend. We're all Vegas rookies and I'm looking for some help on a few restaurant recommendations.

Generally we are trying to keep our food costs to a mimimum but are looking for a fancier splurge worthy meal for one of our three nights.
We are all pretty varied eaters -- no major dislikes.
We are staying at Planet Hollywood and are not going to have a car -- though we are open to walking / taxis.
A few things that we are looking for recommendations:

-Fun, relatively inexpensive places we a good atmosphere -- maybe $30-$40 pp though cheaper is ok :)
-Great Tex-Mex / Mexican places
-We're all into shared plate / Tapas style meals -- are there any of note in Vegas?
-A restuarant that is worth the splurge. We would be looking for a later sitting, maybe 10 or 10:30 for dinner. And would like something with some energy. The only place on our radar right now is Okada at the Wynn -- any other recommendations??

Thanks so much -- I really appreciate any help or suggestions!!

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  1. I'm surprised to see Okada on your list--I haven't eaten there myself, but I get the impression that it won't be inexpensive (though, I'm sure it will be wonderful). Have you checked their menu online to confirm it's in your price range?

    I wish I could help you with your other recommendations, but I have a bad feeling I would steer you wrong on your atmosphere requirements...


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      There are many places that would be great for you. Since you're in your twenties, you might want to take a night and check out The Palms! Several "Hip and Trendy" places. Alize, N9ne and Nove are all splurge worthy! Little Buddha has good sushi and some Shared Plates, also. Then after Dinner there are some great clubs there too!

      Firefly near the Hardrock also has great Tapas.

    2. Here's a recent thread discussing Mexican food found on the Strip


      1. Here's a recent thread that might be helpful about trendier places ...


        1. If you want to be sure to get the most for your splurge I'd recommend Rosemary's. Consistently the best overall fine dining value in town. Plenty of other places to drop coin, but the "name" joints tend to be crapshoots at best.

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            With no car, they'll drop quite a bit on cabs getting to/from Rosemary's.

            Wednesday is Lady's Night at Rosemary's with 50% off women's food.
            Wifey and I ended up spending about $190 there including tip on a Wednesday night earlier this month. That was for two apps, two salads, two entrees, one dessert, two glasses of wine and a vodka.

          2. For budget considerations, consider making your splurge meals at lunch. There are many excellent choices open then (Olives, Sensi, Mesa Grill, Mon Ami to name only a few). Their lunch menus are comparable to their dinner's and the prices can be MUCH lower. Save the evening for a drink with bar appetiser.