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Northwest Indiana - Grocery Stores

Having recently moved from Chicago to Northwest Indiana (Crown Point), I am looking for any suggestions about where to find good produce, meat and seafood. I am regularly disappointed with the quality of the food in the local grocery stores.
Any ideas?

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  1. May want to try a Walt's. There are several across the border in IL. One in Crete is great.
    Area is experiencing growing pains.

    1. It seems to me that the one is Winfield which isn't too far from Crown Point is the most interesting grocery store I have seen in NW Indiana ( besides some of those neat little Mexican grocery stores around the area).I think it is called Amelias? The times I have gone there I went to route 30 and turned at the sign for Lake of the Four Seasons.I am sure there are better ways to get there for you.

      1. How does the Strack and Van Til in Crown Point stack up? The new one on Elston in Chicago seems quite competitive to Jewel and Dominicks.

        The Walts Foods store in Dyer probably offers easier driving from Crown Point than the Crete store. My limited experience with the Crete store has been quite positive. I have not been in the Dyer location. Note that Walts as a small, local chain was highly rated by Consumers Checkbook, well above Jewel and Dominicks.

        Strack and Van Til
        10851 Broadway
        Crown Point, IN 46307

        Walts Foods

        1218 Sheffield Ave.
        Dyer, IN 46311
        (219) 322-6428

        1100 E. Exchange Ave.
        Crete, IL 60417
        (708) 672-3270

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          Thanks for all the suggestions.
          The new Stracks in Crown Point leaves alot to be desired. They put out alot of suspect produce and meat. I don't like to be so negative, but I am surprised they even attempt to sell some of their products to people.
          Though, I have heard very positive things about the Stracks that went into the old Cub foods on Elston.
          I am hoping we get a Trader Joes in the area soon.

        2. I have friends who live there and they have the same frustrations. They told me they are ordering their produce (and other stuff) from Timber Creek Farms, which they seem to like a lot.


          1. the funny thing is whole foods has a distribution warehouse in munster on 45th,seems like it would be a no brainer to set up a store nearby,

            1. Hi PC -- I'm also a Chicago transplant, and we're always looking for a great grocery. There are a few little specialty shops, but we generally head back to Chicago for trips to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. In the spring and summer, we hit the farmer's markets in Indiana and Michigan, and there's a fledgling CSA in the area: Creme de la Crop. This year, the CSA will offer organic meat and dairy as well.

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                Which farmers markets do you find to be the best?

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                  I'm in Valpo, which has a small Saturday market. There are generally at least 2 organic vendors with a good variety. Otherwise, the Chesterton market (also on Saturdays) is an expanded market with Bit of Swiss Bakery (an award winning bakery from Stephensville, MI), venison, buffalo, Amish noodles and baked goods, and some cheese vendors from Chicago -- along with local fruits, veggies and flowers. But if it's a nice day, we might drive east on Hwy 12 to New Buffalo, MI, where there's a great "permanent" produce stand.

              2. i am also a chicago transplant - going on 4 years now. i still miss trader & whole and stock up whenever i'm in town. for good produce try meijer's on route 30. they have a good deal of organic veggies, as well as their own line of organic shelf items. also, they sometimes have organic chicken & beef. their fish is usually not so good. i go to costco for fish - usually salmon. hope this helps!

                1. Help. I am in Chesterton, Indian (moved from Oak Lawn, IL) and can't find fresh Ricotta. Problem is that I don't drive expressways and the like. Store closest to me is Wiseway; next is Jewel.

                  Have you found any ones in this area?

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                    Try the Old World Market on the square in Valparaiso....they have some interesting specialty items and a lot of cheeses. Their website appears to be a little challenged right now:


                    Phone #: 219.476.0700

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                      You might want to ask the deli manager at the Chesterton WiseWay about fresh ricotta...

                    2. great post! i discovered a few new places that i immediately looked up! I'm also a chi transplant. All my favorite restaurants are in Chicago and I also stop at Stanley's (North & Elston) when I get up to the city - About a couple times a month - more or less.
                      In NWI, I like Food 4 Less (Hammond - near Walmart) for produce and Meijers (Schererville) and there's a "Farm Stand" store on the border of Calumet City, IL. And Strack & Van Till's( US 41 & US 30 ) - I expecially like the sushi bar. Unrelated note: Anyone interested in starting a pot luck group?

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                      1. I feel your pain...in Valpo from Chgo. Wiseway in valpo is horrible on produce so don't venture there. The WalMart in Merrillville is best on avg for produce quality. Good farmers market open daily on Rt 51 & Rt 6 in Hobart called Jensens I think. In Valp look up Beefmart for meat and Costco. I have written Whole foods to put a store in Valpo..no luck yet.

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                          Yep, this one is Jansen's and it right on the corner, LOVE this place.

                        2. Organics rock! That is the main reason why my family and I recently purchased an organic home delivery service by the name of Bruno's Organics Home Delivery. the website address is www.brunosorganics.com or thejuicegarden.com. Telephone info is 219-881-0212. We feature over 100+ items and are always looking for more to bring fresh to your door! Not only do we deliver, but we also have a pick up location. Please take time to browse our website and hopefully you will find something that sparks your interest! Let us know how we can provide healthy, pesticide free, hormone free, foods. We also offer raw milk, which is a favorite for my children (2 of which are under the age of 2) so if your young children love it...then it must be a hit! :)

                          1. Also migrated this way from Chicago. There may not be as many weekend farmers markets, but I have manage to find a few local places. Scheeringa's Farms & Produce in Highland is convenient and Jansen's is great, in Hobart. Johnson's strawberry farm is right down the street from Jansen's and it's a wonderful spot. We take the kids to pick strawberries, it's just a fun place to visit. Fair Oaks Farms is great for that, too. The kids Love It!

                            1. Do not go to any grocery stores in Crown Point IN they are all horrible especially Strack and Van Tills. The produce and meat should go right to their dumpsters.

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                                Here is a recommendation in Crown Point. It was also mentioned above. I hope you find that its produce and meat is better than "should go right to their dumpsters".

                                Amelia's Market
                                10839 Randolph Street
                                Crown Point, IN 46307
                                (219) 661-1400

                                There are a number of good suggestions in this thread. Perhaps you should read it.