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Feb 25, 2008 05:19 AM

Breakfast in Ardmore...

I'm looking for a cute cafe or breakfast spot in or near the Ardmore/Bryn Mawr area. Somewhere that I can bring the kids on a saturday morning and get in and out with good service. I recently ate at Ruby's diner, and wasn't thrilled with the atmosphere and the service wasn't friendly. Is there anywhere else to go?

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  1. We've taken our kids (6 and 4) to Ardmore Station Cafe many times. The service is very friendly and the food is good. We can get in and out pretty quickly.

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      Thanks for the suggestion! We tried it out and it was perfect. I never knew it was there, it's hidden. The service was great.

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        Glad you liked it! I think their food is really good and fairly inexpensive. Next time you go try the Smores french toast. My son ordered it (maybe it's a special) and I can tell you I ate about 1/2 of it:)

    2. The Corner Bakery, across the street from Ruby's, has good breakfasts (and other meals.) You order at the counter; they bring the food to your table, and clean up after you.
      I like it much better than Ruby's.

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        Good idea about Corner Bakery. The tables at the Ardmore Station Cafe are fairly close together and it can seem a little more crowded.

      2. Has anyone tried the breakfast menu at Milkboy Coffee? It sounds great, but I've had horrible results with tofu scrambles before...

        1. We like Sam's in the Wynnewood Shopping Plaza (opposite the Wynnewood train station, where Bed Beth & Beyond, Borders and Genuardis are).

          1. Milkboy is great, they also have a family friendly "Milk and Cookies" on Sunday