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late night, congress st, portland

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looking for any late night options on or close to congress st in portland maine. don't need anything fancy, but not looking for the golden arches.


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  1. All I can think of is possibly a late night menu at The White Heart and possibly Binga's Wingas but not sure how late especially weekdays and winter time...

    1. Congress St. is too long of a street with many options..... you'll have to narrow down your location on it.

      1. I'll be at the SPACE Gallery at 538 Congress St. for a show.

        1. (Norm's) Downtown Lounge, Binga's and Sebago brewing serve until midnight...

          1. Norm's serves until ten, Downtown Lounge 11, Bingas 11 or 12, Local 188 until 10:30 on weekends (drinks until 1 at all of the above except first Norms).

            I wouldn't count on late night food at white heart because of the crowds.

            All of these would be walking distance of the Eastland if you are staying there.

            1. White Heart and Empire both serve late. You might be able to grab something at Margaritas down the street and I think Flask around the corner on Spring Street serves pretty late

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                Candygirl- never tried Empire...Yout thoughts?