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late night, congress st, portland

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looking for any late night options on or close to congress st in portland maine. don't need anything fancy, but not looking for the golden arches.


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  1. All I can think of is possibly a late night menu at The White Heart and possibly Binga's Wingas but not sure how late especially weekdays and winter time...

    1. Congress St. is too long of a street with many options..... you'll have to narrow down your location on it.

      1. I'll be at the SPACE Gallery at 538 Congress St. for a show.

        1. (Norm's) Downtown Lounge, Binga's and Sebago brewing serve until midnight...

          1. Norm's serves until ten, Downtown Lounge 11, Bingas 11 or 12, Local 188 until 10:30 on weekends (drinks until 1 at all of the above except first Norms).

            I wouldn't count on late night food at white heart because of the crowds.

            All of these would be walking distance of the Eastland if you are staying there.