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Feb 25, 2008 04:16 AM

Anyone taken cooking classes at Truly Jorg's?


Cooking classes are being offered at Truly Jorg's in Saugus. Has anyone taken a class there, and are they worth the price?

Thank you

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  1. INteresting, I recently saw him on a FoodTV show doing an "Extreme Cake" competition...Looks like he's trying to expand beyond just being a baker...;)

    He didn't seem very pleasant on the show, I have to say...

    1. If the pastries are any example of the quality of the classes, I would say definitely not. I went there for the first time yesterday and got a sample of their goodies: a lemon shortbread cookie, a blueberry brown butter cake, a lemon coconut bar and a chocolate covered macaroon. They were absolutely awful. I dare say that these the worst pastries I've have had in the last decade. First was the macaroon; it was so hard and dry that when I attempted to bite in to it, my front teeth didn't penetrate the cookie, but ended up sliding down the side of the cookie, scrapping the chocolate coating off the exterior. The lemon bar was sickly sweet, with dry coconut. The lemon tasted gooey and artificial. I tossed half of it away. Let me tell you, I'm not a girl that normally throws dessert away, but this was too awful for words. The shortbread was dry, but I feel like that's normal for shortbread. The blueberry cake was okay, but my own blueberry cake is far superior. Truly Jorg's was truly a disappointment.

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        Oh how disappointing! I had similar expereinces soon after they opened, and didn't go for a few years. This past year I tried it again and have been pretty pleases with what I've tried (have not tried anything you mentioned) and have even special ordered a cake from them, which was really good and just adorable. It seems that consistency is a real bugaboo for this place.

        1. re: Chris VR

          A few years ago, I got a few pastries at the Saugus location to take to a friend's house. Not only were they awful, the very unpleasant person at the counter didn't even put tissue between them. They smooshed into each other. They had always gotten so much positive publicity that when they opened in Kenmore, I tried it gain. Yuch! I can't understand what anyone can find good about them. Cooking lessons? LOL

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            I tried the pastries in Saugus when they first opened - worst 'croissant' I've ever had in my entire life - and about once a year since, including once in Kenmore Square. I've heard of people getting edible cakes there (glad that was your experience), and also that the chefs change - but Jorg's does seem to consistently produce some really nasty stuff. Cooking lessons? LOL