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Feb 25, 2008 02:58 AM

Help! 40th B-Day, Last minute cancellation

It is my 40th on Saturday and I was supposed to be in NYC, and had a full week-end of good eats all lined up. Something came up and I had to cancel.

I was looking for suggestions for a good place to spend my 40th with my wife that I can still get a reservation for Saturday night. I am looking for a small plates/tapas/tasting menu type restaurant, no price limit, smart casual/not too formal, in a neighbourhood where we can go for a nightcap afterwards

Right now I am thinking of Senhor Antonio's but want to hear what everyone else would recommend.

Thanks in advance

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  1. I'd probably go Colborne Lane (actually that's exactly where I went for my birthday at the beginning of Feb... recent review here

    I think the food is more interesting than Senhor Antonio, and there are lots of good night-capping spots in the neighbourhood.

    1. Why don't you order in and have a house party? After all your turning 40, might as well celebrate with friends in style!!!

      1. Depends on what part of town. Midtown, you could do tapas at the bar at Greg Couillard's Spice Room and then drinks at the top of the Park Hyatt (they also do oysters). Uptown, Fat Cat will do good things with a tasting menu, and then you could do a short cab for jazz at Centro or Alleycatz.

        1. What about Globe? You could have a nightcap (scotch) at Allen's afterwards. Or, take a short subway or cab ride to Yorkville for a nightcap.

          1. Lucien on Wellington East might be another good option: ... lots of places for nightcaps in the neighbourhood.

            Also, if you're wanting to try a new place for small plates, Lambros would be another option. Aristides has some contemporary Greek offerings on the menu such as artichoke pastitso, as well as some Cretan specialties like dakos and fava. For a nightcap afterwards, you could head to Trapezzi or Allen's.

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            1. re: phoenikia

              Have you eaten at Lambros? I did, and I can't say I found its food or atmosphere to be that great.

              1. re: Full tummy

                I haven't tried it yet. After walking past several times, I agree that the atmosphere isn't anything special, but I was hoping the food might make up for it.

                I had made plans to eat there on Saturday, but my non-foodie friend changed the plan at the last minute.

                I was excited to finally see some non-Peloponessian/non-mainland type foods offered on the Danforth. The pancetta I had in Crete last year was amazing-nothing like the Italian pancetta, the dish was more like pan-fried pork belly, so I was hoping the Lambros version with visino would be something similar.

                Hopefully I'll get a chance to try it out in the near future, and I'll report back with my impressions.

                What did you order when you went?

                1. re: phoenikia

                  Gosh, it was fairly unmemorable. A couple of things were tasty, but nothing made me want to return. We happened to be sitting near the kitchen, and cigarette smoke wafted at our table most of the evening, which I found particularly unpleasant.

                  I think the place had just opened, so it might be worth trying, but I just wouldn't make it a birthday destination.