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Feb 25, 2008 01:10 AM

Bangkok Restaurant for 30th Birthday

I know there are loads of posts regarding the virtues or not(!) of various restuarants in Bangkok but I can't seem to find one restaurant that meets my criteria.

I'm looking for a fantastic restaurant in Bangkok for my sister's 30th Birthday where we can have fab food (preferably Thai) in a lovely setting.

We're thinking of going to Vertigo for cocktails to start with and then on to the restaurant.

I know the food stalls are where you can get the best food at the best prices and we will be sampling the delights on other evenings but for this we want something special for her birthday and to celebrate the end of the trip.

What does anyone suggest?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I really like the setting at Thipthara (sp?) at the Peninsula hotel. It's beautiful and the views are great. Reserve early and ask for a table by the water (explain it's for a special occasion). The food is very good (although not as good as streetfood, of course!) and they will spice things up as you like.

    People often recommend the restaurant at the Sukhothai Hotel (forgot the name) or Spice Market at the Four Seasons, but I much prefer the ambience and also the food at Thipthara.

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      While I agree that Thiptara is a gorgeous restaurant, I had what I consider to be a mundane and disappointing dinner here recently. The friend morning glory and prawn salad was all right but the fried crab was just not very good. My dinner, with one alcoholic drink, cost 1400 Baht and for that money in Bangkok I would expect much better.

    2. How many are we?

      Just about any of the upscale hotels will have nice restaurants with great ambiance.
      Something different might be a dinner cruise.

      Although it isn't the "romantic" rice barge experience, the Riverside Bangkok offers the only on board kitchen, with great food, cooked to order.

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      1. re: Curt the Soi Hound

        There will be 6 of us in total. Doesn't need to be romantic just chilled and a perfect end to two weeks in Thailand - I don't ask for much do I!

        1. re: kjh

          I would actually do dinner at Mezzaluna (Italian) early. Then i would go next door to Sirocco for drinks. Then around 2 am when it closes I would take a taxi to Soi Convent (30 baht ride from the state tower) and get some Pork Satay and some noodle soup at the night market. make sure to go to the pork satay guy that is all alone (opposite the number of vendors).

          another great idea is the roof top restaurant at the banyan tree.

        1. re: whs

          mahanaga is beautiful. another one is face:

          food is at both places is thai for western palate (very mild) but the setting is really nice.

          i really like (and frequently take guests to) taling pling on soi wat kaek (not sure what the soi is actually called, but it's nickname is wat kaek). off of silom. the setting is nice and cute and the food's good.

        2. How about Oriental Bangkok's Sala Rim Naam, it's got great river views:

          Or Royal Orchid Sheraton's elegant Thara Thong:

          My personal fave for a Thai blowout dinner is the Blue Elephant, South Sathorn:

          The Celadon at Sukhothai Hotel's also very nice:

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            I think you have to dine on the terrace to get a view at the Oriental. Sala is a big hall for last experience there (for a corporate offsite) was not particularly good.

            Celadon has always been nice, but no river view.

          2. i understand your dilemma...

            while BKK has some of the best food in the world, it's mostly all on a street or in bare bones places w/o ambience...the upscale hotel places mostly are a kind of fraud: when a waitress serves your dish at those places you can literally see the confusion and pathos on her face: "This poor farang is eating terrible non-spicy food and paying 20 times too much for it! So sad and weird! I hope he is happy at least!"

            Here are a couple suggestions, though perhaps your trip has already concluded:

            Ana Garden...on Thong Lor, between Soi 1 and 3...small quasi-romantic place with outdoor waterall area...mixed clientele of Thais and farangs...foodwise, i'd give it about a 7, maybe an 8 on a good night, but it's a rare place that provides a nice setting...

            Vientienne Kitchen...Lao/Isaan place where you sit on the floor...not the best NE food in town, but definitely a fun place and could be good for a bday...order a huge number of dishes and listen to Lao music...

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            1. re: Simon

              "This poor farang is eating terrible non-spicy food"

              Sometimes the "dumbing down" involves cutting the sour or the fishiness.
              All Thai isn't spicy.