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Feb 24, 2008 11:29 PM

Suggestions for best brunch for about $10?

I'm visiting New York after nine years away. Used to live there. Will be traveling with some friends and would love to go someplace yummy for brunch. We're on a tight budget. Does anyone have a place that they can recommend with To Die For brunch? We will be staying in Midtown, but can travel...Thanks!

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  1. A $10 sit down brunch is hard to do in NYC these days. If you don't mind going for something casual, go to Zabar's cafe on the UWS. You can also pick up delicious bagels with cream cheese at H&H bagels. They have a location on the UWS and also in Murray Hill.

    1. Cafe Mogador, on St Marks Place btwn 1st and A (or 1st and 2nd?) has a fantastic brunch that might meet or just exceed your budget. It comes with food, cappuccino and a tiny glass of fresh orange juice. I love their blackstone eggs--grilled tomato, thick bacon and poached eggs. Definitely get the hot sauce.

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        i feel like the east village brunchs would be the best for you. I havent seen one thats 10$, but therre are tons between 12 and 15$. Most include coffee and a drink ( mimosa, etc). Mogador is great ( as mentioned above) as is 7A ( i get the shrimp and avocado benedict). Nolita house has a decent brunch as well. If youre into free-flowing champagne, then sunburnt cow or essex....

      2. 'ino. Truffled egg toast, freshly squeezed OJ, and a cup of coffee for $11.

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        1. Would you consider Dim Sum for brunch?

          1. Steak and Frites would do you.