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Feb 24, 2008 11:18 PM

Saturday lunch before SFSO concert

Greetings S.F. Chowhounds,

I'm writing on behalf of a non chowist friend (not food crazy like most of us but he nevertheless appreciates a good meal) who is coming in to town for one day only to hear the SFSO on a Saturday night.

I'm asking for recommendations, preferably near or reasonably near Davies Hall, and open for lunch on Saturday.

Many thanks,

Evil Ronnie (from the Chicago board)

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  1. Hey Ronnie,

    I'm sure the local hounds will have more ideas, but Zuni Cafe isn't far away and it's open for lunch on Saturday.

    Wish we were there instead of in snowy Chicago!

    Amata (from the Chicago board)

    Zuni Cafe
    1658 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102