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Feb 24, 2008 09:48 PM

Private Party in Birmingham

I am planning a meeting in Birmingham for May of 2008. I need two dinners for a party of 15 and a party of 40. Restaurants with casual dining would be great. Private dining room preferred. Priced Ocean but it was quite expensive for our budget. Any less expensive recommendations for a fun party?

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  1. Does it need to be in the city proper (downtown or southside) or an outlying area?

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      Also, what type of food and price point are you looking for?

      For the party of 40, you might want to look at Los Angeles. They serve Nuevo Latino food, and it is owned by Guillermo Castro who also owns Sol y Luna (two doors down). It shut down regular operations over a year ago and is now open only for private parties.

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        I was going to suggest Los Angeles as well.

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          Ate at Sol Y Luna on Saturday night and I've got to say that the quality of food and actual restaurant has gone down...way down. Ordered the mojo for four and there was seriously 6 shrimp and a 3 inch piece of fish. That was after I had to change chairs because it was unraveling as I sat it in. Margaritas are still good!

      2. Rojo has a side room it reserves for private parties. It is casual dining and a fun atmosphere, and you can order from the menu or pick items from their catering menu for buffet style.

        1. has a list of places that do private parties I believe. I did my husband's birthday at Ocean last year and while expensive, it was great. Maybe you could do the smaller party there? If you want something realllllly casual, Dave's Pizza does a fun party. Pizza and Beer! The Wine Loft downtown does parties, I believe. Good Luck.