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Feb 24, 2008 09:34 PM

Iron Chef (flay vs. Rathburns) with.....

Trey from Top Chef as one of the sous chefs! too funny, i guess the Rathburns own Abacus where he worked!

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  1. That would be RathBUN -- only one "R" -- One brother.. I think Kevin, owns Abacus,and Kent owns Rathbun's in Atlanta. or did I get that reversed?

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    1. I noticed him right away.

      But why is it "too funny"?

      A sous chef is a good job and it's at a good restaurant. He wasn't a full chef yet, that's why he was on Top Chef. So what did you expect him to do?

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      1. re: Jennalynn

        I meant it was "too funny" since it was a Top Chef/Bravo personality or contestant on Iron Chef which is on a competing cable network. I would think there would be some contract clause to "do not appear" on other shows re: food or something since he was made a mini-celeb through Bravo's marketing efforts. I realize Ted Allen and some judges do, but to see a contestant there is interesting.

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          Actually Tre was the Chef de Cuisine at Abacus, which would make him the head chef. The sous chef's on Iron Chef are very often head chef's at their own restaurants. Mark Ladner is the head chef at Lupa Osteria Romana (one of Mario's places).

        2. Yeah, I don't watch Iron Chef America anymore (just not the same as the original) but made room in my schedule for this one because of Tre. Noticed that they mentioned his name a great deal but made no mention of his Top Chef experience.

          1. I was flipping channels and saw Tre.

            It is funny/ironic to see Tre on Food TV, especially when one of the Food Network execs made a comment that (I'm probably misquoting, but I believe I have the essence) "The Next Food Network Star" or "The Next Iron Chef" was a true cooking competition and the first cooking competition show while "Top Chef" was an imitation of that concept.

            I believe this comment came out when both shows had "cooking on a plane" as a challenge.

            1. I LOVED the dishes the Rathbuns used on this episode. Their presentations were amazing. Does anyone know the brand of the dinnerware?

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              1. re: chickster

                Unless they've changed things on the show since last year, I don't think it's any dinnerware that they personally brought - my friend who competed on the show said that the studio has an amazing selection of different dishes and serving pieces from which to choose. Wonder if there are any credits to china suppliers on the FN website?

                1. re: Suzy Q

                  They do have a huge selection of different dishes there, but quite a few of the chefs bring their own. A lot of fine dining restaurants have custom designed pieces that they use.