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Feb 24, 2008 08:09 PM

Changes in the Clairemont (SD) area

Over the past couple of weeks I've noticed a few changes, and new restaurants opening, or about to open in the Clairemont area.

Aji Seco - New Peruvian Restaurant, first mentioned to me by Candice Woo. We've only had the Pescado a lo Macho and the Lomo Saltado, but the food is decent, and the prices not bad. Located at 4310 Genesee, the restaurant set-up is a bit odd, the dining area for Nieto's Taco Shop connects to Aji Seco, though the kitchens are seperate.

Spicy City - Now under the same Ownership as Yun Gui Garden in Monterey Park. Very few Yunnan dishes, mostly Sichuan. Dishes are prepared with a lighter hand in regards to heat and oil. The offerings are a mixed bag, we've had some pretty good items(chicken feet and chicken with chilies), and some not so good items(Yunnan Chicken in Airpot). Located at 4690 Convoy St.

Thang Thang - Supposedly a sochu joint a la Min Sok Chon. Drinks and pub grub, set to open in the next few weeks. 7905 Engineer Rd.

Jeong Won Korean BBQ - Set to open a few doors down from Spicy City. After asking around, I was told former Owner of Arirang is opening this restaurant. Scheduled to open in the middle of March.

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  1. Hey Kirk -

    I went to Aji seco after seeing your post on it - I walked into Nietos - and the lady there said that they were separate from the Peruvian restaurant despite being in the same building. Are they still only open for dinner?

    Around 2pm today as I was driving by to work I saw a chef in that side of the building. thanks for the heads up on the place as its in my neighborhood.

    How does it compare to Latin chef? Any word on the ownership?

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    1. re: kare_raisu

      I found the food to be good, but a bit milder than Latin Chef. I still haven't had the chance to try out some of the "classics" there, so I'll withhold my final opinion. I noticed as I drove back on Saturday, that there appeared to be people in the place, so maybe they are now open for lunch. When I drove by later, they were closed, with no hours posted on the front door.

    2. Spicy City used to be a regular on my rotation a few years back but I haven't been there for about a year now. I found out recently that they are under new ownership. Do they still have the chef's special green beans and the pork with napa cabbage soup on the menu? Those were my favorite items there.

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      1. re: mliew

        When we first visited - right after the change over, the Spicy City menu was still being used; along with a laminated placard. On our next visits the Spicy City menus were gone, and only the placard used. You may want to ask if you visit.......

      2. I'm excited to try Jeong Won Korean BBQ. After Arirang redecorated (and I guess got a new owner?) it hasn't really been the same although I still love their panchan and bimbibap.

        1. will have to do a Korean BBQ comparison--Jeong Won vs Buga!

          1. I'll do a little thread-touting here and link to a thread I started about Noodle Town on Convoy. The restaurant's been there forever, but they recently added a patio of BBQ grill tables (the indoor part of the restaurant doesn't have BBQ on the table). The server said the patio opened 4 months ago, so that's sort of new.


            If you drop by, make sure you ask to be seated at the patio. The BBQ was really good.